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A solid, basic setup of entity 'Company', with company-administrator, departments, employees and invoices. This is multi-tenant. Several companies having separate administrators and employees.


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Multi-tenant setup for your applications serving multiple companies. Currently allowing you to maintain basic company information, assign employees, create and maintain departments.

Typical usage scenario

Starting up with your new application where you also want to maintain details about one company.

Also a usage scenario is when you want to maintain multiple companies.

Features and limitations

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This module has dependencies to SystemManagement, LocationService, ServiceConnector and Person, which is mainly because every company has employees, so persons and addresses. Each is developed by Tieka, like this module is too.
Furthermore it has dependencies Unittest, and CommunityCommons which are good use to any app anyway.
Last but not least: Data Widgets because we want it to look good.

Alternatively you can start an app using Base application, which is a complete application and also contains this module Company.


In a new app: Download and use sample application ‘Base application’. It has this module incorporated.

In an existing app: Download and install from the marketplace and use Company_Overview where you like.



Mendix version

This is first created in Mendix version 8.12.5, first released in Mendix 9.6.1.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.6.1
Release Notes: First release containing Company, Department, Invoice and multi-tenant setup. Using the highest Mendix LTS version. Currently ('21 oct 27-th) : 9.6.1