Data Widgets

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Important note: This is a module not a single widget. The Data Widgets module, is a packaged module that contains the following widgets: Data grid 2, Gallery, Tree node, Filtering and Sorting widgets. This module also includes all the styling, design properties and building blocks related to these widgets. Data grid 2: The successor of the standard data grid widget for displaying content in a tabular form. It comes with many powerful new features and settings like support for widgets, row and cell coloring, responsive layout, accessibility and different paging options, like virtual scrolling. Gallery: The Gallery widget is the successor to both the standard list view and template grid. It features a new responsive grid design, usage of the same filtering and sort widgets from Data grid 2 and settings like support for conditional styling, paging and empty placeholders. Tree node: The tree node is a widget used to create a level in a tree UI. Multiple tree node widgets can be combined to create a tree view. The tree node widget is fully composable and comes with settings for animating and icon customization. Filtering and Sorting widgets: The filtering and sorting can be used across the data widgets of the Data grid 2 and the Gallery. Out of the box there is filtering for text, numbers, dates, and the option to add drop-down filters for single or multiple selections.


Please see Data Widgets in the Mendix documentation for details.


Version: 2.10.4
Framework Version: 9.24.0
Release Notes: ### [2.10.4] Datagrid #### Fixed - We fixed an issue where it was not possible to select a column in design mode by clicking on the column row. ### [1.4.1] Gallery #### Fixed - We fixed an issue with Gallery widget where infinite scroll was not creating scroll, blocking the user from scrolling and fetching more items. - We fixed an editor preview issue with drag-and-drop as well as changed dropzone text to be appropriate.
Version: 2.10.3
Framework Version: 9.24.0
Release Notes: ### [2.10.3] Datagrid #### Fixed - We fixed an issue with clickable rows not having pointer (hand) cursor on hover.
Version: 2.10.2
Framework Version: 9.24.0
Release Notes: ### [2.10.2] Datagrid #### Fixed - Fixed a regression that was introduced in 2.10.0, where the column was missing a caption if the caption used parameters.
Version: 2.10.1
Framework Version: 9.24.0
Release Notes: ### [2.10.1] Datagrid #### Fixed - We fixed an issue where personalization settings were not always correctly restored.
Version: 2.10.0
Framework Version: 9.24.0
Release Notes: ### Added - A new "Export_To_Excel" JS action ### [2.10.0] Datagrid #### Added - A new API that allows data export from data sources configured in the data grid. Together with this addition, we introduce the "Export_To_Excel" JS action, which is a quick and easy way to export and save data as an XLSX document. This action is distributed as a part of "Data Widgets" module. ### [1.4.0] Gallery #### Changed - To better align with WAI ARIA web standards, in this release we change how items are selected using the keyboard (when selection is enabled): now to select or deselect items, the user should use the "shift+space" keyboard shortcut. #### Added - This version introduces support for the "Select all" keyboard shortcut ("cmd+a" or "ctrl+a") that has effect when selection is enabled for the widget. - A new feature: range selection. Starting from this version users may select a "range" of items by clicking on an item while pressing the shift key ("shift+click"). #### Breaking changes - To provide a better user experience and improve accessibility support, we introduced some minor changes to widget HTML and CSS. The most notable change is a new div element that will wrap each item if you enable the "On click" event in widget settings.