3D Viewer Sample App

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This Mendix app provides examples of how to use 3D Viewer app service and serves as a good starting point for developing your own 3D visualization app.


Demo urlhttps://3dvis.mendixcloud.com/
  • This Mendix app provides examples of how to use 3D Viewer app service.
  • Download 3D Viewer Sample App mpk and import as a project in Mendix Studio Pro.
  • Please see 3D Viewer documentation in the Mendix documentation for details.
  • If you would like to use Viewer APIs programmatically, please contact Mendix Support and file a ticket against 3D Viewer development team, we would be happy to share public API documentation with you and show how to use them.
  • To try the demo app, sign in with below demo account information.
    • Username: 3DViewer
    • Password: 3DViewer


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 8.15.1
Release Notes: Initial version of the module. We hope you’ll enjoy using it! Feature: - Upload to and load models from Mendix file storage or your own file storage (both monolithic JT and shattered JT formats are supported) - Display a 3D model - Zoom, rotate, fit all, pan - Use quick intuitive controls to navigate product structure tree and Product Manufacturing Information(PMI) tree - Turn parts on and off - Select and clear selection of parts - Cross highlight selected part in both viewer and product structure tree - Examine your model from preset viewing angles - Display PMI, model view, design groups - Display part/assembly properties - Display exploded view - Take snapshot of current viewing model - Create 3D cross-sections - Create 2D markup on model, add review comments - Perform 3D measurement on distance, angle, area, radius, and length Known Issue: - Creating section cut on model on a Mac Chrome browser will introduce some unexpected lines into the viewer.