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The 3D Viewer App Services lets end-users upload, visualize, and operate on 3D JT files and 2D Drawing files in your application. Users can perform tasks such as navigating the model product structure tree and the product manufacturing information (PMI) tree, creating section views, 2D markups, and much more. From a Maker perspective, the 3D Viewer App Services does the heavy-lifting for you so you do not have to build a 3D-rendering engine from scratch - simply drag-and-drop, configure, and you're good to go.

In addition, we have two other visualization services to help you build your 3D visualization applications:

3D Viewer Sample App provides examples of how to use the 3D Viewer service, it serves as a good starting point for developing your own 3D visualisation application.

3D Viewer for Teamcenter is an add-on module for 3D Viewer service. It includes out-of-box Microflows and Nanoflows to make it super easy to search and fetch JT models from your Teamcenter instance, then the fetched JT model can be visualized by using 3D Viewer widgets.

If you are new to Mendix, we offer a learning course to help you build a 3D Visualization application step by step.

Go and make it!


Demo urlhttps://3dvis.mendixcloud.com/
  • To try the demo app, sign in with below demo account information 
    • Username: 3DViewer
    • Password: 3DViewer
  • Please see 3D Viewer documentation in the Mendix documentation for details
  • To see how 3D Viewer is used in a Mendix project, download 3D Viewer Sample App project and have a try in Mendix Studio Pro.
  • If you would like to use 3D Viewer API programmatically, see Mendix documentation for details.
  • For more information on support(license, issue report, Q&A), you can access our customer support center.


Version: 4.0.0
Framework Version: 10.0.0
Release Notes: Here's what's new in Version 4.0.0 Breaking Changes: Now 3D Viewer fully embraces Mendix Studio Pro 10, which will give you a whole new experience. Go and make it!
Version: 3.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.10
Release Notes: Here's what's new in Version 3.0.0 New Features We supported more model formats and ways to upload files. This give you the freedom to choose the upload way that is most convenient for your scenario. • Supported more 3D file formats: STL(Stereolithography), glTF(GL Transmission Format), OBJ(Object File). • Extended source for loading models, read directly from the cloud. This allows you to provide a url, which can be the url of a model that exists in your network drive. • Supported dragging and dropping files or folder directly into the viewer to preview. After previewing, you can upload to Mendix file storage with one click. Supported not only single file, but also multiple files, which is a more user-friendly feature. • Supported uploading batch files. In the past, uploading files using File Explorer only supported one file, but now it supports uploading multiple files at once. Other New Features • We supported searching the names of nodes with regular expressions in Product Structure tree and highlighting the searched nodes on the Viewer. This can give you more convenience for viewing models with many nodes. Improvements Performance Improvements • We updated our core dependency PLM Vis Web. This update brings many improvements to performance and stability for your visualization application. Other Improvements • We have optimized the UX to be more user-friendly for shattered JT file uploads. Previously user have to zip the shattered JT files before upload, now user can select a folder to upload the shattered JT files. Breaking Changes • The new 3D Viewer is based on Studio Pro 9.24.10, so it requires 9.24.10 or higher
Version: 2.7.0
Framework Version: 9.4.0
Release Notes: This release mainly includes: Feature: • When select "Show Assembly Level PMI" in Preference widget, it will only load Assembly level PMI in PMI tree. Issue fix: • Previously, in PMI tree, when you select a node which has associated nodes, those associated nodes weren't be selected, now this has been fixed. Enhancement: • Some logic has been refactored and performance is improved.
Version: 2.6.0
Framework Version: 9.4.0
Release Notes: This release mainly includes: Enhancement: • Make 3D Viewer's measurement style consistent with Active Workspace. Issue fix: • Previously, some JT models can not be loaded successfully.Now this issue has been fixed. • The section plane on the model will be disappeared, when you select both clipping in Section View widget.Now this issue has been fixed. • Fix random loading error when open model from Teamcenter. • Fix rotation center when fly to part. • Fix WebSocket connect issue, when you hold the page for a long time. Other: • Updated internal dependencies.
Version: 2.5.0
Framework Version: 9.4.0
Release Notes: This release mainly includes: Feature: • Add a new option: only show assembly level PMI in Preference widget. • User can add multiple associated markups to a model, also other user can open the model and restore the specific markup. Other: • Updated internal dependencies.