Auto load more

Content Type: Widget
Categories: Mobile


Add infinite scrolling to your list view by automatically loading more items

This widget is targeted for Hybrid Mobile which is deprecated and not supported anymore with Mendix 10 and higher. As alternative for Hybrid mobile we offer Native mobile support. See also

Please use the Gallery widget that support virtual scrolling out of the box. See



Auto load more

Loads more items on the list view as the user scrolls


Mendix 6.

Demo project



  • Place the widget in the same page/snippet as the target list view (right below it).
  • Add the name of the target list view to the widget (found in the common tab of the list view properties in the modeler)

Issues, suggestions and feature requests

We are actively maintaining this widget, please report any issues or suggestions for improvement


Prerequisite: Install git, node package manager, webpack CLI, grunt CLI

To contribute, fork and clone.

> git clone

The code is in typescript. Use a typescript IDE of your choice, like Visual Studio Code or WebStorm.

To set up the development environment, run:

> npm install

Create a folder named dist in the project root.

Create a Mendix test project in the dist folder and rename its root folder to dist/MxTestProject. Changes to the widget code shall be automatically pushed to this test project.

To automatically compile, bundle and push code changes to the running test project, run:

> grunt


Version: 1.1.4
Framework Version: 7.0.2
Release Notes: - Fix styling to support new DOM structure in Mendix 8
Version: 1.1.3
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: - Update desktop modeler icon
Version: 1.1.2
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: Fix loading bundled widget.
Version: 1.1.1
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: Fix for Mendix 7.3
Version: 1.1
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: Add preview