Teamcenter Extension Sample App

Content Type: Starter Template
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The Teamcenter Extension Sample App demonstrates capabilities of the Teamcenter Extension by allowing you to connect to Teamcenter and execute basic operations such as

1. Searching for Item Revisions and Workspace Objects

2. Creating and Updating Item and Item Revisions

3. Revising Item Revisions

4. Viewing and Configuring BOM structures.


It serves as a good starting point to visualize what you can do with Teamcenter Extension



1. Download the app from marketplace to your Mendix session. 

2. You will see the following modules under Marketplace modules


How to use the app

1. Download the sample app from the marketplace to your Mendix session

2. Run the App

3. Login with your credentials

4. On the Home page, click on Configure Teamcenter

5. Provide your Teamcenter Instance Details and set it as Active

6. On the home page, click on Teamcenter Login

7. Login using your Teamcenter credentials

8. On the home page, click on any of the operations in the 2nd row.


Note: To Update, Revise or Configure BOM structures you should first search for the relevant Item Revision and you will see the relevant actions after you click on a search result


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 10.6.5
Release Notes: Initial Release