Teamcenter Extension

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Teamcenter Extension provides you with an effortless means to harness the full capabilities of Teamcenter Connector for Mendix. The Teamcenter Extension is layered atop the Teamcenter Connector, to provide a low-code experience by making it easier to visualize and access Teamcenter data model and automate creation of Mendix domain models and microflows.


Please refer to Mendix Documentation



  • Open Mendix Studio Pro and create an App.
  • Connect to Mendix Marketplace and download Teamcenter Extension.
  • You will see two popups asking if you want to install the Teamcenter Toolkit and if you trust the add-on module that contains the Teamcenter Extension.
  • Click Yes to both


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 10.6.5
Release Notes: Initial Release