Supplyframe Connector

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This is a pre-lease version of the Supplyframe connector. For more information on Supplyframe see:

Use the Supplyframe Connector to access your Supplyframe data and incorporate it into your Mendix applications.

An example implementation that already includes the connector can be found in the RFQ to SAP app.


Typical usage scenario

  • Get, update, and delete Supplyframe data with your Mendix app

Features and limitations

  • Only a limited part of the api available
  • RFQ (GET)
  • RFQ Item (GET)
  • Part Master Alternative (GET, DEL, POST, PUT)
  • Part Master Detail (GET, PUT)
  • Part Master Item (GET, DEL, POST, PUT)



  1. Make sure that your project has the Encryption and Community Commons module installed
  2. Download this module from the marketplace


  1. Use SNIPPET_ConnectionDetails from the _USE_ME > Snippets folder and put it on an admin page
  2. Give your administrator role, the Administrator module role from this connector.
  3. Click on "Edit settings" and set your Supplyframe credentials
  4. Put the action you want to use from the _USE_ME > Operations folder in your project.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.10
Release Notes: first version