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With RFQ to SAP, we empower the seamless automation of transferring awarded RFQs from both Excel spreadsheets and Supplyframe to SAP Purchasing Info Records. This is achieved through an integration with SAP S4/HANA and Supplyframe, ensuring a harmonized and consistent data flow. This implementation orchestrates the automation of creating and updating SAP Purchase Info Records, streamlining the entire process for enhanced efficiency.


Demo urlhttps://rfqtosap.apps.eu-1c.mendixcloud.com/


With the RFQ to SAP application, we enable the automated transfer of awarded RFQs from Excel spreadsheets and Supplyframe to SAP Purchasing Info records.

How to setup

For the SAP connector please set the following constants:

  • SAPConnector.CONST_BaseURL
  • SAPConnector.CONST_Password
  • SAPConnector.CONST_Username

If you want to retrieve RFQs from your Supplyframe environment, please set up the following:

  • SupplyframeConnector.BaseURL
  • Sign in as an Administrator -> go to the ‘Suppylframe Connector’ tab -> click on ‘Edit settings’ and set your credentials for your Supplyframe Environment

User roles

  • Administrator - Responsible for the administration of the platform, including technical configuration and data management.
  • Approver – Approves, refuse or request changes to RFQ items. Start the automated implementation of PIRs in SAP
  • Requester - Requests the implementation of awarded RFQs into SAP Purchasing Info records

Module Description

  • MES_MFI_Theme – general MFI styling
  • MES_RFQAwardingTransfer_Specific – specific styling for RFQtoSAP
  • SlideIn_Popup – styling for slide-in pop-ups
  • Settings – general application settings
  • EmployeeManagement – example implementation for demo users and employee management
  • Masterdata – setting master data like supplyframe credentials
  • Alert – alert pop-ups
  • RFQ_Implementation – core logic for RFQ to SAP transfer
  • SAPConnector – REST services for data consistency check
  • SAPImplementation – implementation of the SAP logic (data consistency check & creating/updating purchasing info record in SAP)
  • SAP_API_PRODUCT_SRV – module for SAP OData Product service
  • SAP_PIR_API_INFORECORD_PROCESS_SRV - module for SAP OData purchasing info record service
  • ExcelImport – excel import module
  • ExcelImport_Implementation- implementation of the Excel importer for RFQtoSAP

Disclaimer: this application was built and tested with SAP S/4HANA CLOUD 2308


Version: 1.0.1
Framework Version: 9.24.10
Release Notes: small change
Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.10
Release Notes: Release Notes v.1.0.0 First version of the RFQ to SAP app