Lean Daily Management Suite

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Lean Daily Management (LDM) Suite is a visual management tool for day-to-day operations of a manufacturing plant.  It provides the capability to take immediate action to manage the issues occurring around 4M’s of manufacturing – Machine, Material, Method, and Man.

The Mendix LDM Suite helps manufacturers to implement Lean Daily Management across their business and adapt it to their industry and company-specific requirements. In the LDM Suite, Mendix offers  a set of five loosely-coupled applications, built on the Mendix enterprise low-code platform, that can be easily modified or expanded to “compose” a tailor-made solution. The main application helps production line supervisors to visually monitor the status of all work centers with a 3D visualization of the factory shopfloor. They are instantly alerted to any issues that arise in 4 categories: Machine, Material, Man and Method. For each of these issues, the plant or line manager can log the incident in appropriate connected application, to be resolved by the relevant persona. For example, a material related issue will be identified and highlighted by the plant or line manager, but will be resolved by the material manager.

We have provided a few templates, available on Mendix marketplace, that have been used in the demo (links below). However, these connected applications can be existing solutions, that are already being used by the organization or can also be built from scratch utilizing low-code or high-code.

Technically, the LDM Suite uses AWS IoT Twinmaker to ingest IoT data from Siemens Insights Hub or AWS IoT Sitewise and/or other data sources, and create a digital twin model of the factory floor. The main LDM app then uses a special AWS IoT TwinMaker connector to ingest the model and Mendix's 3D visualization

capability to show it to the end user. LDM also uses two key widgets that are important to show the 3D model of the plant as well as video stream coming

through AWS KVS:

  • Sceneviewer widget
  • Video widget

The Mendix LDM Suite is not offered as a complete SaaS solution, but a free application template for the Mendix enterprise low-code platform. This allows customers to adapt the solution to their exact needs and use the platform to solve many other challenges as well.




The Lean Daily Management Suite is a starterkit to build a Mendix application integrating with AWS IoT Twinmaker. You can use this to connect to your own AWS IoT Twinmaker environment or follow the AWS workshop to start from scratch. The starterkit already provides support for a business process where you can detect anomalies from IoT Twinmaker, create incidents in Lean Daily Management, and solve the incidents by integrating third applications already existing in your landscape.

Typical usage scenario

This starterkit is perfect to create a Mendix application which integrates with both AWS IoT Twinmaker and other applications already in your landscape. This allows you to increase your insight based on the IoT of your facility and use the Low Code power of the Mendix platform to develop support for your business processes.

Features and limitations

• Fully developed integration with AWS IoT Twinmaker

• Supporting widgets for the 3D plant view and KVS video feeds

• Easy integration with other existing applications

• Fully developed business process to resolve incidents


• Mendix modeler 9.24.x

• The AWS IoT Twinmaker Mendix connector

• The AWS IoT Twinmaker Mendix Sceneviewer widget

• The AWS IoT Twinmaker Mendix KVS Mediaplayer widget

• An AWS account


Follow the documentation in the starterkit to adapt the model to your own environment, or follow the AWS workshop to set up the whole architecture from scratch.  


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.1
Release Notes: Initial Release