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Turn your Excel spreadsheet into a REST API in minutes with Coherent Spark. This connector will kickstart the process of consuming your Spark Service.

Simply adding tags to your model, to indicate inputs and outputs, and then uploading your Excel spreadsheet to Coherent Spark will create you a REST API that is secure, version controlled, testable at scale and executes up to 100 x faster than Excel. When used in combination with Mendix this will allow you to turn complex Excel models into application in days not months.

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Coherent Spark is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application that allows you to convert your Excel models into easily consumable APIs (Application Programming Interface) in minutes. Mendix projects are already typically 4-10 times faster than traditional software development but adding Spark can accelerate this to 20 (or even 30) times faster. Spark eliminates the need for breaking down complex workbooks into low code or Java and helps you avoid long testing, debugging, and fixing cycles. and fixing cycles. 

The connector is a basic framework for how to map a REST API connection into Spark and contains the base elements needed to add your JSON resources, required constants, and a pattern for calling the service. 

To use this connector with complex or high-volume models you will need access to Spark. If you are not an existing customer, please contact our sales team at Access to the Enterprise version of Spark also includes use of the Test Center as well as advanced auditing and enhanced security permissions. 

Alternatively, you can use our partner platform where you will be able to try out smaller Excel models for free, with limited API calls, and then larger models and more calls for a scaled pricing. 

Typical usage scenario 

When an Excel model is part of your process and you are thinking about turning it into an application to make it more saleable, robust, centralized, or auditable then you should consider Coherent Spark. There are a number of solutions available to import the data structure into Mendix but Coherent Spark is directly concerned with the functions and logic. 

Recreating complex Excel logic in low code or Java is often a time-consuming process, riddled with testing, debugging, and re-writing. Using Spark to convert your model instead can shave months off the development time. 

Any company that uses Excel spreadsheets can benefit from Spark. Some examples of key use cases include: 

Features and limitations 

This connector will only work with a Spark API through an Enterprise or Sparklite account. 


Contact us to create an account: 

Or sign up for a developer account at: 

For further support reach out to us using our support portal:

Or at:


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.21.0
Release Notes: This is the first release of the connector framework.