P&C Underwriter Workbench

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Underwriters often deal with fragmented and inefficient processes. Data sits in multiple silos, and getting information and answers is tough to facilitate and harder to track. Imagine being audited and having to track down a paper trail when your organization is still relying on spreadsheets. The time is now for insurers to digitalize offerings and services.

The P&C Underwriter Workbench from Mendix and Capgemini is the tool that brings all your underwriting tools and processes together under one roof. A single control panel serves as a one stop shop for underwriting tools and processes, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Enables underwriters to complete risk assessment quickly and efficiently
  • Shortens time-to-decision
  • Facilitates predictive analysis

Get a 360-degree view of your underwriting processes with an intuitive tool that’s easy to customize, deploy, and offers flexibility.

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Typical usage scenario

A broker talks to potential clients to sell them insurance. When a client is interested, the broker will provide the insurance agency with all the necessary information to file the submission and evaluate the risk. The risk consists of rating factors applied to selected coverage elements like a limit and retention. Throughout the evaluation, underwriters and their assistants will fill all submission data, and depending on the coverage height the manager will review the submission, too. After completion of the review, the broker communicates the quote to the client and will update the insurance agency on whether changes have to be applied or if the quote is accepted.  

Features and limitations

Appealing UI – user-friendly interface assisting the user through the underwriting process

Workflow automation – tasks are created automatically and are only shown to the assigned user  

Email functionality – all communication to the broker happens via email. There are templates as the emails will look quite similar for the same tasks but they can be amended before they are sent. No SMTP server configuration is necessary as the premium email module is being used. The quote can be attached as a PDF. 

Dashboard – After login, the user sees a dashboard showing KPIs about the submissions created in the past 30 days. The data displayed is pre-filtered on their subjective interests: managers see all their sub-ordinates' submissions, underwriters and their assistants can see submissions assigned to them. 



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.12.2
Release Notes: Intial version of the Underwriter Workbench template.