Claims Template

Content Type: Industry Template


Insurers and intermediaries use the Mendix’s platform to differentiate from their competitors by creating custom claims management solutions that are tailored to their unique business challenges and operations. The Claims Management Template is a tool to kickstart the creation of claims management solutions.  The Template shows how you can create in Mendix a First Notice of Loss (FNOL) process with vehicles or luxury goods use cases as examples. It also demonstrates the ability to create a workbench for staff handling the claims such as Claims Investigators, Damage Appraisers or Claims Negotiators. Furthermore, the template includes a demo implementation of the Imburse payment platform connector, showcasing how a FNOL process can be easily extended with various options for direct payout. And for those who would rather upload a handwritten ACORD form and have the information extracted from there than having to fill out the questionnaire there also is an example implementation of AWS Textract connector.


How-to setup 

Before running the application, the constants for the Encryption module need to be setup.  



  • Appealing UI – user-friendly interface assisting the user through the claims process. 

  • Workflow automation – tasks are created automatically and are only shown to the assigned user. 

  • Configurable products – configure insurance products and add claim specific questionnaires them. 

  • Email functionality – all communication with the claimant is done via email. There are templates as the emails will look quite similar for the same tasks, but they can be amended before they are sent.  

  • Dashboard – after login, the customer user sees a dashboard that enables them to quickly navigate to the right pages or start filing a new claim. Back-end users have their own dashboard with some KPIs about the claims created in the past 30 days and they have an overview of all the tasks they can start working on. 

  • Imburse – if enabled, a demo implementation of the Imburse payments platform connector can be used, showcasing how the FNOL process can be extended with the option for automatic payout options.

  • AWS Textract – if enabled, a claim can be filed through upload of a filled ACORD form (both an empty and a filled example ACORD form can be found in the project’s resources folder).



  • Email functionality – In order to use the email functionality, an SMTP server needs to be set up. 

  • Imburse (optional) – if you want to use imburse, the corresponding credentials must be filled for the environment.

  • AWS Textract (optional) – if you want to use AWS Textract and extract information from the uploaded ACORD form, make sure that the AWS credentials are filled.


Version: 1.1.0
Framework Version: 9.18.4
Release Notes: - questionaire configurable per incident type - AWS Textract example implementation
Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.18.1
Release Notes: Initial release of the Claims template application.