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Imburse is a cloud-based middleware connecting large enterprises to the payments ecosystem, regardless of their existing IT infrastructure. Through a single connection to Imburse, enterprises can collect or pay-out using a variety of payment technologies and providers around the globe.

Imburse Product details

Collection and payout capabilities 
Our clients can collect premiums or pay out to their customers using any provider they want 

Integration cost reductions 
With Imburse, enterprises can lower the high costs of integrating with multiple PSPs. 

Unified reporting and payment analytics 
Get unified reporting for all the different providers to optimise operations and gather customer insights.

Fast and easy deployment
We do all the heavy-lifting of technical integrations in just a few weeks, so you can improve speed-to-market. 

payment technologies and providers around the globe.

White label hosted pages
Provide your customers with a seamless checkout experience using our white label checkout component. 

Direct Debit Mandate Management
Easily store and manage paperless Direct Debit Mandates.



This connector can be used to integrate with Imburse payments platform. The connector has a set of operations which can be used for multiple scenarios. 

Typical usage scenario 

This connector can be used as an accelerator for integrating with the Imburse payments platform, since it contains the operations needed for the authentication process used by most of Imburse’s APIs and contains operations related to retrieving payout and collect schemes. 

Features and limitations 

This connector contains: 

  • Authentication operations/actions. 

  • Payout and collect scheme operations/actions. 

A limitation of the connector is that it only contains a subset of operations of the available Imburse Payments APIs. The actual implementation of the connector should be custom made, including the management of the required API keys. 


This connector requires Mendix 9.12.3 or above. 


Import the Imburse connector module from the Mendix Marketplace to your application. 


For setting up the connector you need to configure the following on the Imburse Payments platform tenant and account environment.  

  • At least one account. 

  • At least one tenant. 

  • At least one payout Scheme. 

  • At least one collect Scheme. 

  • An account API keyset. 

  • A tenant API keyset. 

For more information and a ‘how to’ on configuring the Imburse Payments platform you can visit the Imburse developers documentation ( 

For configuring the Imburse connector:  

  • Configure the following constant in the application environment: 

  • ImburseConnector.Endpoint  

  • Create a new ImburseImplementation module where you can create custom logic with the available operations from the ImburseConnector module. This is advised so your custom changes and implementation won’t be lost when updating the connector. 

  • Use the provided Imburse connector operations which are available in the Toolbox to create custom logic within this implementation module. 

  • Most operations need an access token as an input parameter. The access token is generated by the POST_v1_Identity_Hmac operation. In order to generate an access token a PrivateKey and PublicKey needs to be provided. It is recommended to create a custom implementation for the provisioning of these keys in the implementation module. Be aware that Imburse distinguishes between Account and Tenant API keys.


Version: 3.0.0
Framework Version: 9.12.3
Release Notes: Imburse connector is now live