Product View 360

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This app allows you to embrace Digital Transformation through a Siemens Industry Use-Case by connecting Siemens Teamcenter, CAD, Siemens Simcenter, Opcenter, Siemens Capital, Geolus Part Search, Siemens Insights Hub and SAP using a single easy to use application, providing a 360 degree view of your Products.



Product view 360 is a Mendix composite application, that provides a 360° view of a product. The app is connected to Teamcenter for PLM and Quality, SAP for ERP, Capital for E/E systems development, Geolus for Shape Search, Opcenter for MES, Simcenter for simulation and Insights Hub for IOT field data. The application brings the data of these systems together, as well as provides access to their key functions, so the user can execute specific processes all from a single user experience. 

This includes an overview of the bill of materials, a review of 3D engineering data. The user can initiate change requests, create purchase orders, and review simulations. The app also provides insights into manufacturing operations, including work orders, efficiency metrics, and operator information. Beyond the production site, the application offers the possibility to investigate complaints regarding suppliers as well as to gain insights into products in use. 




Upon downloading and opening the application in Studio Pro, users are presented with two configuration options: "Mocked" and "Teamcenter". These configurations can be accessed through the app settings under the "Configuration" tab in Mendix Studio Pro. 


Option 1: Mocked Configuration (Default):

The mocked configuration serves as the default setting. With this option, the Teamcenter connection remains inactive, and data is simulated for testing purposes. No further adjustments are necessary. 


Option 2: Teamcenter Configuration:

You can select the Teamcenter configuration by selecting the “Make Active” button in Studio Pro. This will allow the application to utilize the Teamcenter connector and enable real-time data retrieval from Teamcenter.  

During Runtime logged in as Administrator on the Settings Page the Teamcenter instance configuration needs to be set. 

To fill out information on your Teamcenter instance: 

  • Fill in a Configuration Name like: MyConfiguration 

  • The App expects a URL in the format of: http://[your_teamcenter_url]/tc or https://[your_teamcenter_url]/tc  

  • FMS URL in the format http://[your_teamcenter_url]/tc/fms or https://[your_teamcenter_url]/tc/fms 

  • Fill out the information on your Teamcenter user and password  

  • When using https, provide the App with your Teamcenter HTTPS certificate more info see here:


Steps to run the application

  1. Choose the desired configuration and run the application.

  2. Log in to the application using the default credentials (User: MxAdmin, Password: 1). 

  3. Navigate to the product overview page and utilize the "Reset demodata" button.

  4. Access the employees section:

  5. Create at least a new employee for the PlantManager user role manually, ensuring that the email address includes the prefix demo_ (e.g., This enables easy utilization of the demo switcher function for efficient user role switching. 

  6. (Repeat 5. for the administrator user role)

  7. Switch to the plant manager role using the demo switcher menu item.

  8. Choose a production line and product revision and explore the application



User Role Descriptions

Administrator - Configures production lines, employees and Teamcenter connection settings within the app

Plant Manager - Responsible for the oversight and management of production lines within the plant.



Module Descriptions

TeamcenterImplementation - Facilitates seamless configuration within the user interface or via application settings for Teamcenter integration.

BOM (Bill of Material) - Empowers users to access and visualize the BOM of product revisions, leveraging real-time data from Teamcenter as well as mocked data.

Viewer3DImplementation - Implementation of the 3D viewer providing the flexibility to utilize either real-time data from Teamcenter or a backup 3D file for visualization purposes.

KanabanImplementation - Enhances the functionality of the Kanban marketplace module by introducing additional attributes (such as Priority, CreatedAt, CreatedBy) to the existing Kanban cards. Additionally, it incorporates an image feature and a dedicated detail page for Kanban cards. The foundation is the Kanban module from the following application: 

EmployeeManagement - Offers comprehensive management capabilities for employees, including the option to utilize pre-configured logic for resetting demo employee data (credentials required).




(Optional) Teamcenter Connection - To use the app with real-time Teamcenter data, a productive running Teamcenter server with the appropriate credentials as well as a current certificate is required.




Only the Teamcenter integration is implemented in the app. All other integrations - Siemens Simcenter, Opcenter, Siemens Capital, Geolus Shape Search, Siemens Insights Hub, and SAP - are mocked for demo purposes. All mocked data is based on real integrations that have been implemented based on existing connectors. 


Version: 2.0.1
Framework Version: 10.6.2
Release Notes: .mpk file added
Version: 2.0.0
Framework Version: 10.6.2
Release Notes: - Completely redesigned and new version - User interface improvements - Capital and Geolus Shape Search capability have been added
Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: First release.