3D Viewer

Category: App Services
Subcategory: Visualization


The 3D Viewer App Services lets end-users upload, visualize, and operate on 3D JT files in your application. Users can perform tasks such as navigating the model product structure tree and the product manufacturing information (PMI) tree, creating section views, 2D markups, and much more. From a Maker perspective, the 3D Viewer App Services does the heavy-lifting for you so you do not have to build a 3D-rendering engine from scratch - simply drag-and-drop, configure, and you're good to go.


Demo urlhttps://3dvis.mendixcloud.com/
  • Please see 3D Viewer documentation in the Mendix documentation for details
  • To try the demo app, sign in with below demo account information 
    • Username: 3DViewer
    • Password: 3DViewer
  • To see how 3D Viewer is used in a Mendix project, download 3D Viewer Sample App project and have a try in Mendix Studio Pro.
  • If you would like to use Viewer APIs programmatically, please contact Mendix Support and file a ticket against 3D Viewer development team, we would be happy to share public API documentation with you and show how to use them.


    Version: 1.0.10
    Framework Version: 8.15.1
    Release Notes: New feature: • Expose Clearscene API in Viewer widget settings, this gives you to control as to when to clear the model in the scene • In product structure tree, we moved assembly node from the bottom of aseembly tree to the top, when placed at bottom the user may need to scroll all the way down to the bottom to see the assembly node, now this change enables easier navigation. Enhancement: • Clear the model in the scene when opening a new model. Previously, it is likely that the new model has an empty ModelId, and the viewer still shows previous model.
    Version: 1.0.0
    Framework Version: 8.15.1
    Release Notes: Initial version of the module. We hope you’ll enjoy using it ! 3D Viewer mainly includes following content: - Predefined entities: ModelDocument, Pagination, Markup, MxChildDocument, MxModelDocument - Constants: HttpEndpoint, LicenseToken, ModelSourceType - Microflow: DeleteModelFromMendix, DownloadMarkup - Nanoflow: CreateModelDocumentFromFileDocument, GetMarkupsFromMendix, GetModelListFromMendix - Java action: VisServerAction - Widgets: Container3D, Markup builder, Measurement, PMI tree, PS tree, PS tree table, Section view, Toolbar item camera mode, Toolbar item camera orientation, Toolbar item explode slider, Toolbar item fit all, Toolbar item render mode, Toolbar item selection mode, Toolbar item snapshot, Uploader, Viewer Feature: - Upload to and load models from Mendix file storage or your own file storage (both monolithic JT and shattered JT formats are supported) - Display a 3D model - Zoom, rotate, fit all, pan - Use quick intuitive controls to navigate product structure tree and Product Manufacturing Information(PMI) tree - Turn parts on and off - Select and clear selection of parts - Cross highlight selected part in both viewer and product structure tree - Examine your model from preset viewing angles - Display PMI, model view, design groups - Display part/assembly properties - Display exploded view - Take snapshot of current viewing model - Create 3D cross-sections - Create 2D markup on model, add review comments - Perform 3D measurement on distance, angle, area, radius, and length Known Issue: -Creating section cut on model on a Mac Chrome browser will introduce some unexpected lines into the viewer.