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Send emails as a service. Brought to you by Emails can get sent via a web form, via microflow and via api-calls from any platform (react, java, etc.).

- Attachments can get sent along.

- Multi-receivers are possible. Just list them in to, cc, bcc.

- Newsletter can get sent to all your followers and subscribers.


Demo url

This module enables your application to send out any email with as little effort as possible. You only specify from, to, cc, subject and body and optionally drop in your attachments and you email gets sent.

It is also available as a rest call, that you can use with the right credentials.

This is a service of If you don’t have one already, create a consumer-account, giving you lots of free services, including this one! A fair use policy applies.


  • download and install this module from the marketplace.




Version: 1.11.0
Framework Version: 9.18.5
Release Notes: - Only retry each email once every 2 hours - Checked the email-addresses for compliance with RFC5322
Version: 1.10.3
Framework Version: 9.18.5
Release Notes: Version 1.10 - Upgraded version 1.10.0 from Mendix 8 to Mendix 9 - Added attribute Tag to Email to enable seeing which mailing the mail belongs to. - 1.10.1 Fix to also show SentTo in field SubjectId in the history - 1.10.2 Fix to resend all pending emails of today, instead of only 10 per hour. - 1.10.3 Corrected the ServiceClientVersion to 1.10.3
Version: 1.9.0
Framework Version: 8.12.7
Release Notes: - Retrying pending emails only if they are less then one day old; - Register Email/To in SubjectId for easy searching the history; - Show email as it was posted in html-style
Version: 1.8.0
Framework Version: 8.12.7
Release Notes: Added ServiceClientVersion
Version: 1.7.0
Framework Version: 8.12.7
Release Notes: - Introduced folders Private, Read me and Use me