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Azure Face API

Connectors,Machine learning
Detect faces using Azure Cognitive Services. Sign up for an API Key here :

OCR / Barcode Module from Anyline

Connectors,Machine learning
An easy way to add OCR functionally to your (mobile) application. Out of the box we deliver: Barcodes & QR Codes Universal Serial number scanner (easy to adjust to any serial number) Document scanner ID’s (Identification) Passport & MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) Licenses Plates PDF417 codes Tire Identification Numbers (TIN) Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) Utility Meters (Analog & Digital) Other… Due to our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform, we can digitize pretty much any analog character Try it your self with our demo application: Apple Store: Google Play Store: Some Unique features: Complete Offline capabilities, GDPR compliant Can read on the same color (example TIN) All functionality in on Software Development Kit …. Our software is characterized by our customers as; easy to use, fast, flexible, and simple to integrate. A Mendix exclusive free 45-day trial version is available by emailing In order to create your free trial license, please send us your Bundle ID/App ID which the license key will be linked to. License Key: This is a base64 encoded string that defines the functionality, timeframe, scope, and bundle identifiers with which you are allowed to use Anyline. For all the latest news and webinars sign up for the Anyline Newsletter:

UbiOps Connector

Connectors,Machine learning

Use this UbiOps connector to quickly connect your app with your Machine Learning models on UbiOps.

The UbiOps environment allows you to deploy your own advanced ML models or reuse the models that UbiOps provides. The connector provides an easy way to call and incorporate the models in your own Mendix application.