Mendix Studio pro

October 25, 2022
Mendix Studio Pro is our low-code IDE for professional developers. It's a powerful visual model-driven development environment to build apps on the Mendix Platform. With Studio Pro you can easily create, change, integrate, test and deploy your applications, all in one place. Moreover, you can manage branch lines and security as well as extend your app with custom code using the built-in editors. Click 'Download Studio Pro' to get the installer for free (Windows OS required*). Learn more about the installation and the Studio Pro capabilities in our documentation. Not a professional developer? Learn How Mendix supports different developer profiles .Before installing, please read the Release Notes to learn about improvements, bug fixes, backwards compatibility, breaking changes and known issues. *If you are using a Mac, check out these instructions first.
Release Notes - **Release date: October 25th, 2022** ### New Features #### Updated Marketplace We are excited to bring new changes to the Mendix Marketplace and improve access to Marketplace content for our community. The new revamp of the Marketplace in Studio Pro presents a better UI with easier navigation, better search functionality, a faster content-discovery experience, and more control over categories and filters. We have also included a new filter that helps you select **Platform-supported content**. This update of the Marketplace helps you to browse content and view component details more quickly, just as you can in the online Marketplace. Finally, we introduced UI changes for pagination and points of entry to the Marketplace for a better user experience. For more information, see [How to Use Marketplace Content in Studio Pro]( #### Other New Features * We added a new workflow activity named **Call workflow** that enables calling another workflow from the current workflow and using it as a sub-workflow. This allows you to split your workflows into smaller reusable workflows. * We introduced a Runtime API package for interacting with the Workflow Engine. You can now interact with workflows through Java actions. ### Improvements #### Performance Improvements * The splash screen is now shown earlier after starting Studio Pro. * When working with large apps, the error-checking process is now faster. * We resolved several event leaks caused by menu items and UI element identifiers. * We optimized **Toolbox** performance when using custom images for exposed actions. You can automatically optimize previously selected exposed action images by right-clicking a deprecation in the **Errors** pane. #### Other Improvements * We improved the way we handle the completion of workflow user tasks. The selection of a specific user task is no longer required when selecting an outcome. This way, both the microflow action and the client action **Complete user task** can be reused for different user tasks that share the same outcomes. * We improved the way published OData services return error messages. They now include a list with error details, which provides more information on which specific properties caused any errors. * We now show the consumed OData services on the **Data Hub** pane regardless of whether you are logged in. * You can now choose [more than one key attribute]( for a published OData resource. * In the list of attributes and associations for published OData resources, we removed the **Part of key** column and replaced it with a key icon. * We made it possible to configure the default editing mode for pages. You can now go to **Preferences** > **Work Environment** to choose whether the page editor should open in structure mode or design mode by default. * The MxAssist Performance Bot best practice [MXP014]( now presents recommendations grouped by microflow and by entity. This enables supressing by entity as opposed to suppressing the entire microflow. * We improved MxAssist Performance Bot so that when an inspection is running, you can continue to interact with Studio Pro and work on your app. If the inspection takes a long time, you can cancel it. If the inspection needs to be repeated due to changes in the app, a friendly message is displayed. * We added a **Duplicate** button in the **Generate Validation Microflow** form of [Validation Assist]( * We extended the list of supported buttons for Validation Assist. Now, a validation microflow can be generated for a button, **Save** button, and **Call microflow** button. * We added three new metrics to the Runtime Server task queue: * `mx.runtime.stats.taskqueue.queue-wait-time` (with the tag `queue` as the queue name) – for timing the duration between task creation (or scheduling) and pickup of the task for execution * `mx.runtime.stats.taskqueue.queue-active-threads` (with the tag `queue` as the queue name) – for gauging the amount of active queue threads over time * `mx.runtime.stats.taskqueue.task-execution-time` (with the tag `queue` as the queue name and `task` as the task name) – for timing the execution time for a task ### Fixes * We fixed an issue where the error style did not work with the native reference selector, date picker, or drop-down widgets. (Ticket 130360) * We fixed an issue where a custom-range import mapping with JSON did not take into account the specified amount. In addition, we fixed an issue where the range value was not taken into account when importing JSON with an Import with mapping activity. (Ticket 132368) * We fixed an issue where the minus sign did not display when using Arabic languages. (Ticket 144779) * We fixed an issue where the `justifyCenter` design property did not work with the native scroll container widget. The design property now works with that widget. (Ticket 145729) * We fixed an issue where system members (such as `owner`, `changedBy`, createdDate, and `changedDate`) could not be selected on **Filter** and **Find** list operations in a microflow. (Ticket 151436) * We fixed an issue where changing the content of a file and re-uploading it did not reflect the changes, as the unchanged version was still uploaded. (Tickets 153955, 164543) * We fixed an issue where uploaded images were not rotated in the upright position based on the orientation information in the image metadata. (Ticket 155278) * Applying the OQL `ROUND` function to an expression of Decimals now returns a BigDecimal instead of a Double. (Ticket 162214) * We fixed an issue where the periodic updating of sessions threw exceptions. (Ticket 162216) * We fixed an issue with the generate expression for changing an association on an object. (Ticket 163183) * We upgraded OpenJDK to in the Studio Pro installer. (Ticket 164386) * We fixed an issue where a machine name with non-ASCII characters blocked the user sign-in. (Ticket 165552) * We fixed an issue where historical dates stored in a non-localized date attribute were off by several seconds in certain time zones. (Ticket 165972) * We fixed an issue in published OData resources where publishing a non-persistable entity without a read microflow did not show a consistency error and caused a runtime error. * We fixed an issue where published OData services returned error messages from microflows in an incorrect JSON format. * We fixed an issue that caused incorrect sorting behavior on external entities from a consumed OData service when trying to order by an associated property. * We fixed an inconsistency in the error codes that were returned by published OData services. * We fixed an issue where Mendix Runtime reported errors related to Amazon S3 storage even though the app was not using the Amazon S3 storage back-end. (Ticket 166921) * We fixed an issue that occurred when trying to debug Swagger UI served as interactive REST documentation by Mendix Runtime. The JavaScript and CSS files refer to a source map, and now, Mendix Runtime also serves that source map. * We fixed an issue in the documentation served by Mendix Runtime (for example, `/rest-doc`) where the font defined in the stylesheet did not load. * We fixed an issue in external entities that had keys consisting of more than one attribute, where if the service returned those attributes in a different order than the app expected, it stored them in that order. * We fixed an issue where keyboard shortcuts were not working in the **Properties** pane. * We fixed an issue where scrolling in the tile view of the **Toolbox** exhibited irregular behavior. * We fixed an instance of `ObjectDisposedException` that occurred upon closing the **Entity** dialog box. * We fixed concatenating multiple strings with non-strings using the `+` operator in OQL. * We made the **Edit Template Parameter** dialog box resizable again. * We fixed an issue where Studio Pro showed an error message when clicking the magnifying glass icon in the **Find Results** table. * We fixed an issue where your avatar image (or a default image if you did not have an avatar) did not show correctly after signing in. * We fixed an issue where documents were renamed unnecessarily when copying or moving them from one module to another. * We fixed an issue where MxAssist Logic Bot failed to create a delete-object recommendation for an old microflow that had duplicate variable names. ### Known Issues * When you navigate between dockable panes using Ctrl + Tab while in the microflow editor, page editor, or **Properties** pane, releasing Ctrl does not close the pane-selection dialog box. (Ticket 163193) * Workaround: Use Enter or a mouse click to close the dialog box.