Mendix Studio pro

August 29, 2023
Mendix Studio Pro is our low-code IDE for professional developers. It's a powerful visual model-driven development environment to build apps on the Mendix Platform. With Studio Pro you can easily create, change, integrate, test and deploy your applications, all in one place. Moreover, you can manage branch lines and security as well as extend your app with custom code using the built-in editors. Click 'Download Studio Pro' to get the installer for free (Windows OS required*). Learn more about the installation and the Studio Pro capabilities in our documentation. Not a professional developer? Learn How Mendix supports different developer profiles .Before installing, please read the Release Notes to learn about improvements, bug fixes, backwards compatibility, breaking changes and known issues. *If you are using a Mac, check out these instructions first.
Release Notes - **Release date: August 29, 2023** ### Improvements #### Performance Improvements * We improved the performance of the [Open App]( dialog box. In some scenarios, it now takes less time to show the version numbers of the available apps. #### Other Improvements * For requests to published REST and OData services, the Mendix Runtime no longer creates a session in the database. Now, it keeps the session within the Mendix Runtime instance. (Ticket 187479) * In published OData resources with an insert or update microflow, the Mendix Runtime is now more precise in reporting client errors. When the microflow causes a validation error that is not caused by a parameter, the microflow now returns a "500 Internal Server Error" rather than a "422 Unprocessable Content" error. * We added support for publishing and consuming OData actions. This means you can now [publish a microflow]( in your OData service and call it using the new [Call external action]( activity or consume it in another app. * You can now update the contract of an OData service from the [Catalog]( using a file or URL. * Information about changes from your Git server is now fetched periodically, without directly applying the changes. Studio Pro displays the current state of the remote server and your local repository on the right side of the [status bar]( Periodic background fetching can be configured or disabled in **Preferences** > [Version Control]( Upcoming versions of Studio Pro will use this information to guide users better through the process of pushing and pulling. * We updated the Git that is installed with Studio Pro to version * We updated the [Native Template]( to target Android 13 (API level 33) to retain compatibility with the Google Play Store. * The **Start from spreadsheet** starting point now gives you the option to [generate overview and detail pages]( from the entities generated. * We added the ability to preview images in the **Properties** pane for the [static image]( and [dynamic image]( widgets for pages and document templates. * We added validation for the **Default value** property of Integer, Long, Decimal, and AutoNumber attribute types in dialog boxes and the **Properties** pane. * We added support for the **Value** property of attribute types along with controls that depend on its value in the **Properties** pane while we hide the **Value** radio button for AutoNumber, Binary, and Hashed String attribute types in both the **Properties** pane and dialog boxes, because the value is always **Stored**. * We added the possibility to quickly filter properties in the **Properties** pane by the name of a property or a group. * A **Context** data source of a data view can now select an entity path from any surrounding data widget, including other data views. * The return type of microflows and nanoflows is now determined automatically based on the expression used in the end event. * We added the option to wait for all participant responses before completing a multi-user task in a workflow next to completing the task as soon as the final outcome is known. For more information, see the [Completion Moment]( section in *Multi-User Task*. * We added support for running Mendix apps on nested URL paths (for example, ``). * We optimized the refreshing of the MxAssist Logic Bot menu, which can help with larger apps. * We updated dialog boxes to revert changes and close when an "oops" pop-up window message appears after clicking **OK** in order to prevent unexpected behavior due to an inconsistent data state. * In the editors, we now show notification bars below the toolbar at the top of the screen. * We improved the layout of pop-up windows by correctly placing and aligning the elements on the form. ### Fixes * We have reworked the calculation of the state that is to be sent for object actions. This should solve many edge-case issues. (Tickets 152735, 184397) * We now encode file paths before logging them. This solves an issue where a log message could occupy multiple lines in the log. (Ticket 175643) * We fixed an issue that occurred when updating a widget to its latest version available in the Marketplace. The update returned an error if the latest widget's supported Studio Pro versions were above the Studio Pro version used to update the widget. Now, it is only possible to update to a widget version that supports the Studio Pro version in use (so, not necessarily to the most up-to-date widget). (Ticket 183294) * We fixed an issue where having a hidden custom close action button prevented the default rollback behavior. (Ticket 184642) * We fixed an issue where scientific notation was not supported by the `parseDecimal` function in nanoflows. (Ticket 189270) * We fixed an issue where creating a non-persistable entity led to errors when the entity contained a system attribute. (Tickets 189835, 190622) * We fixed an issue where a role-based homepage microflow was not called and instead, the default homepage was used. (Tickets 190880, 191014) * We fixed an issue where an "oops" pop-up window was shown when an XML schema file was located in a drive that did not exist. (Ticket 191015) * We fixed an issue where a [Data Grid 2]( module configured with an XPath data source with a `not equal` constraint did not apply the filters on associations that had been specified in the drop-down filter widget. (Ticket 191292) * We fixed an issue where re-importing a module with a nanoflow that called a microflow made running native apps unable to call that microflow. The Mendix Runtime operations for microflow calls now always have the same Mendix Runtime operation ID. (Ticket 191302) * We fixed an issue where an app containing an input widget with a page title override on one of its actions triggered an error and could not be opened. (Ticket 192138) * We fixed an issue where deployment failed when a Data Grid 2 module or a gallery widget used a database over an association with selection enabled. (Tickets 192500, 192875, 193161) * We fixed an issue where clicking the **New** grid button when using a page parameter caused a deployment error. (Ticket 192593) * We fixed an issue where importing a module from Studio Pro version [10.0.0]( incorrectly triggered the consistency error **CE7411** if the module contained a widget that called a page outside the imported module (for example, the **Go to** page of a reference selector in the Excel Importer module). (Tickets 192867, 193026, 193410, 193736) * We fixed an issue where an app with the [Security level]( set to **Production** threw an error if it contained a data widget using an association from a page or snippet parameter as its data source. * We now show a specific error message instead of the previously shown generic error pop-up window when the [Show user task page]( microflow activity fails to open a user task. * We fixed an issue in published REST services for microflows that have an endless loop (for example, with one microflow that commits an object in its own before-commit event handler). This now gives the appropriate response with a "500 Internal Server Error." * We fixed an issue where an XPath expression like `//A[A_B/B/attr = 'value'][A_B/B = $param]` ignored the second constraint when its path ended in an entity name and was a prefix of the other path. Please note that Studio Pro does not allow the form `[A_B/B = $param]`, only the equivalent `[A_B = $param]` or `[A_B/B/id = $param]`. * We fixed an issue where a database or XPath over an association in an offline profile gave incorrect results when the starting point of the association was not the direct enclosing data container. * We fixed an issue that occurred when merging a branch with a document that had already been port-fixed into the target branch. Double-clicking the conflicting document led to an “oops” pop-up window. * We fixed an issue where dragging a page, microflow, or nanoflow from the **App Explorer** onto an existing action button or grid action button resulted in a consistency error if no default mapping was available for a parameter. Now, an explicit mapping is automatically created for form parameters and selections if there is only one matching option. * We fixed an issue where the **Specializations** node was not expanded in the **Select Attribute** dialog box upon clicking **Expand All** for the tree control. * We fixed an issue that occurred after double-clicking a node in a tree control where other elements in the app (for example, buttons) did not get selected after a single click, only after a second click. * We fixed an issue where the names of callable actions were incorrectly shown in the microflow editor when the used actions were excluded from the app. * We fixed an issue with selection in the grid of a business event document. * We fixed an issue where access keys did not work in different controls.