Mendix Studio pro

May 01, 2024
Mendix Studio Pro is our low-code IDE for professional developers. It's a powerful visual model-driven development environment to build apps on the Mendix Platform. With Studio Pro you can easily create, change, integrate, test and deploy your applications, all in one place. Moreover, you can manage branch lines and security as well as extend your app with custom code using the built-in editors. Click 'Download Studio Pro' to get the installer for free (Windows OS required*). Learn more about the installation and the Studio Pro capabilities in our documentation. Not a professional developer? Learn How Mendix supports different developer profiles .Before installing, please read the Release Notes to learn about improvements, bug fixes, backwards compatibility, breaking changes and known issues. *If you are using a Mac, check out these instructions first.
Release Notes - **Release date: May 1, 2024** ### New Features * We now allow changing the app's foreign key constraint setting in Runtime Settings. For more information, see the [Foreign Key Constraints]( section of *Data Storage*. * We now allow configuring credentials for Azure blob storage, using credentials present in the running environment, without hard coding access key or shared access signature in Runtime Settings. This is enabled by setting the `` runtime setting to `true`. * We now allow configuring credentials for Azure database, using credentials present in the running environment, without hard coding database username and password in Runtime Settings. For more information, see the [Microsoft Azure SQL]( section in *Runtime Customization*. * We introduced a new setting in **Preferences** to enable and disable bundle optimizations. This option specifically impacts the React client. By default, this setting is enabled, which optimizes the size of the generated app bundle. Disabling it will generate source maps that can be used for debugging your code during development. For more information, see the [Optimize Bundle]( section in *Preferences*. * We added the search functionality in the App Explorer for Studio Pro on Mac. * We added support for the following [languages]( Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan), Marathi (India). ### Improvements * We improved the performance of the offline database. (Tickets 212470, 213732). * You can now convert the [reference selector]( and the [input reference set selector]( widgets to the combo box widget using the **Convert to combo box** context menu option. * We made Visual Builder the default editor for XPath unless you have set a [preference]( for the XPath expression editor. * We implemented Markdown rendering for MendixChat answers to improve readability. * We removed the **Not sure** option when giving feedback for MendixChat answers and made it possible to unselect options instead. * We implemented several styling changes to improve the user experience for MendixChat. * We have added support for Epics and Jira to the **Stories** pane in Studio Pro. It is now possible to update the status of stories and tasks directly from Studio Pro, and to select related stories and tasks when committing changes to the Team Server. * We have added a dark mode support for the **Version Selector** (where you can manage Mendix versions). * We added support for Git CLI in Studio Pro on Mac. By default Studio Pro uses Git installed in /usr/bin/. Also, it is possible to specify Git location in **Preferences**. * We moved the **Append** buttons from the **Entity Access Rule** dialog box to the **XPath Expression Editor** dialog. * When you select a type of action for a microflow and you set a **List Operation** or an **Aggregate List** activities and choose a function for them, the microflow editor now initializes the function correctly. * We added a consistency error for a header that can only appear once (for example the content type header) but was added multiple times in a Consumed REST Service (Beta). * We combined multiple headers with the same name in runtime for **Send Rest Request (Beta)**. * We introduced **application/json** as the default content type header for requests supporting body in a Consumed REST Service (Beta). This header helps the server know the body content type sent by the client application. * For published OData services, we changed the response message when a client sends an invalid `$query` request body. The response message "Server cannot process the given uri." is now "The body of the request is not a valid query string." * We improved the editor for published OData services in Studio Pro. The **Attribute/Association** column now shows the attribute name only, without the module and entity. Several consistency checks now have a more detailed element indication, making it easier to understand where to resolve them. * If a microflow, Java action, or JavaScript action is exposed as a microflow or nanoflow action, we now show the configured icon in the **MxAssist Logic Bot** dialog. * In the microflow and nanoflow editors, you can now connect and reconnect flows by releasing the arrow at any place of the target element. * We limit the maximum end event caption length in the microflow and nanoflow editors * We updated the Gradle included into the Studio Pro installer to 8.5. This is needed for JDK 21 support. * We upgraded UI library used in Studio Pro to the latest version. * The External Database Connector now supports **Snowflake (Beta)** and the use of `SELECT` and DML queries. * We have made UI improvements to the External Database Connection document that allow you to resize the **Query** tab. ### Fixes * We fixed an issue where the runtime did not send back associated objects if they were retrieved with an XPath expression. (Ticket 171223) * We fixed an issue that occurred when versioned MDA creation downloaded an app from the server (which took a long time) instead of using a local clone. (Ticket 202414) * We fixed an issue that occurred when a conditional visibility or editability was configured with an attribute which was not of Boolean or enumeration type. (Ticket 205450) * We fixed the tab functionality in the new expression editor. (Ticket 205514) * We fixed an issue when executing a microflow with a **Close page** activity or setting by a URL or a DeepLink navigated you outside the app. (Ticket 205701) * We fixed an issue when the application closed when an entity was added in the **Entities** tab in the OData service. (Tickets 210516, 211779) * We fixed an issue in nanoflows where sorting did not ignore case sensitivity, causing the lists to be sorted incorrectly. (Ticket 211245) * We fixed an issue where changing the association of an association property in a pluggable widget (for example a combo box) threw an error. This occurred when the current selected association was referring to a snippet parameter which was no longer available or referring to a data view no longer in scope. (Ticket 212822) * We fixed an issue when the selection dialog where you can choose a pane (**Active Tools Windows** and **Active Files** dialog box) did not work on Windows if a microflow, nanoflow, rules or workflow editor was opened. (Ticket 211576) * We fixed an issue where creating a new microflow or a nanoflow from the selector while **Suggest lower-case variable names in microflows** was enabled resulted in an **Oops** dialog. * We fixed a memory leak that happened in dialogs containing UI elements such as drop-down and date-time selector. * We fixed an issue where MendixChat did not load properly after creating or opening a new app from another app. This caused copy/paste actions and sign out from MendixChat to work incorrectly. We also made sure the chat is reset to default state after creating or opening a new app from another app. * We fixed an issue in MendixChat where the screen went blank when you logged out while having the feedback page open. * We have improved the memory consumption in Studio Pro by resolving a memory leak caused by a rebase notification bar. * We fixed an issue when double-clicking an App Explorer module or a folder did not open it on macOS. * We fixed an issue where Version Selector crashed silently when trying to perform an action with an installed version of Studio Pro. * We fixed an issue with the sizing of the new Entity access editor where the view overlapped the **OK** and **Cancel** buttons of the **Properties of Entity** dialog. * We fixed an issue where page and microflow URLs quickly flashed between two different encodings while loading the page, for example when the encoding of the space character would switch from `%20` to `+` and then back to `%20`. * We fixed an issue where consistency errors for the Send REST Request (Beta) microflow action were not showing up in the microflow editor. * We now block sending a request when it has consistency errors in the Consumed REST service (Beta). * We fixed an issue where leading/trailing spaces in header keys caused an error while sending the request in Consumed REST service (Beta). * We fixed an issue where including an empty `$expand` query parameter in a request to a published OData service resulted in a 500 Internal Server Error. It now proceeds with the request while ignoring empty `$expand` clauses. * We fixed an issue in the OpenApi 2.0 (swagger.json) document for published REST services, where operations that return an object using an export mapping based on an entity message definition had an `xml` property in the response schema that should not be there. * We fixed an issue where after deleting an attribute from the domain model, choosing a key for that entity in a published OData service resulted in an error. * We fixed an accuracy problem in nanoflows where numbers with many significant digits were stored incorrectly. Numbers in the nanoflow editor now have the same range as the Mendix decimal data type. * We fixed the **Synchronize** action caption in the nanoflow editor. * We fixed an inconsistency in the microflow editor where the output variable of a __Call microflow action__ was always named __Variable__ when dragged from the App Explorer. * We fixed an issue in the microflow and nanoflow editors where the value of the **Use return value** property was not respected and the return value was always shown. This fixes java actions, java script actions, call microflow actions, call nanoflow actions and call workflow actions. * We fixed an issue in the microflow and nanoflow editors where an error was thrown when merging branches in version control. * We now show which microflow causes a StackOverflowError or InterruptedException in the logging of the stack trace. * We fixed a potential concurrency issue in the React client bundler when writing to the log file. * We resolved an issue where [jump-to options generation]( failed for a workflow which became incompatible by removing consecutive activities (including the currently suspended activity) within a parallel split. * We fixed an issue with custom icons for macOS that was causing navigation and pages to fail. * We fixed an issue where `SELECT` queries were considered DML queries in the External Database Connector. ### Deprecations * Starting with version 10.12, we will drop support for MariaDB 10.4, as the vendor has announced the end of support for that version. ### Known Issues * Line endings in CSS files are not being handled properly, so when using [Revert All Changes]( or performing other version-control operations, CSS files appear in the [Changes on Disk]( dialog box. * Workaround: For details, see [this section]( in *Troubleshooting Version Control*. * When typing an expression in the new expression editor, the cursor jumps to the end of the text. * Workaround: You can switch back to the old editor via **Preferences** > [New Features]( * A finished parallel split path that is removed from a running workflow instance wrongly leads to a versioning conflict. Please note that "path" was called "branch" in earlier versions. * Disabling Custom Scheduled Events in the **App Settings** > **Configurations** has no effect and they will still run on their scheduled time. Toggling on a disabled Scheduled Event will also have no effect.