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The Mendix Insurance Cloud is where customers and partners can find ways to use Mendix to solve common challenges in the industry, from distribution to underwriting to claims.
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Customer Onboarding

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The Customer Onboarding app is designed to improve the customer engagement and process efficiency between agents and their clients. The B2C responsive web app helps register customers to their wealth portal, where they can manage their details, portfolio and documentation. On top of that, the app is integrated with DocuSign ensuring the whole process is digital and completely removes the need for physical paperwork.

Claims Management

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Claims Management demonstrates how Mendix can be used to improve customer engagement and process efficiency. The B2C responsive web app helps guide customers through a claim process for vehicles or luxury goods. The claims app and quote and buy app are linked, via Data Hub, allowing you to claim on the goods and vehicles covered during the Quote and Buy Journey. It also demonstrates a multi-stage workflow, speech-to-text and a chatbot supported with AWS Lex.

Compliance Complaint Tracking

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Every financial institution must comply with governmental regulatory requirements.

Customer complaints are often associated with suspected violation of these regulatory requirements, so the investigation, impact and resolution of these complaints must be documented  and stored for up to 15 years after the complaint has been filed.

Existing compliance software applications in the market won't fit the specific requirements and processes required by the financial institutions and lack comprehensive capabilities and adaptability, leading to a poor and frustrating user experience.

The Compliance Complaint Tracking Demonstrator is a lightweight, end-to-end complaint handling system that is fully customizable to the financial institutions’ processes, which is key because no two banks manage and track complaints in the same way.

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P&C Underwriter Workbench [download]

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Underwriters often deal with fragmented and inefficient processes. Data sits in multiple silos, and getting information and answers is tough to facilitate and harder to track. Imagine being audited and having to track down a paper trail when your organization is still relying on spreadsheets. The time is now for insurers to digitalize offerings and services.

The P&C Underwriter Workbench from Mendix and Capgemini is the tool that brings all your underwriting tools and processes together under one roof. A single control panel serves as a one stop shop for underwriting tools and processes, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Enables underwriters to complete risk assessment quickly and efficiently
  • Shortens time-to-decision
  • Facilitates predictive analysis

Get a 360-degree view of your underwriting processes with an intuitive tool that’s easy to customize, deploy, and offers flexibility.

App Services

Intelligent Document Service

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The Intelligent Document App Service enables end-users to view and extract specific text from documents. Mendix Makers can support data extraction from structured documents (where information is formatted and static - e.g. questionnaires, forms, etc.) by dragging and dropping this App Service into their Mendix application. The service is GDPR and SOC2 compliant.

The AI and OCR technologies used by Intelligent Document Service are powered by ABBYY®.


Salesforce Connector


Leverage the Salesforce REST API with the Salesforce Connector module to integrate and manage Salesforce data in your app, including information about your Salesforce organization and its resources.

DocuSign Connector


Do you want to let users sign documents? The DocuSign Connector allows you to use DocuSign’s eSignature API in your app. The connector gives you the flexibility to choose what type of signing (embedded or remote) you want to implement in your app. For more information on the eSignature API see

Sanctions IO

Sanctions & PEP Data API connector using



Imburse is a cloud-based middleware connecting large enterprises to the payments ecosystem, regardless of their existing IT infrastructure. Through a single connection to Imburse, enterprises can collect or pay-out using a variety of payment technologies and providers around the globe.

Imburse Product details

Collection and payout capabilities 
Our clients can collect premiums or pay out to their customers using any provider they want 

Integration cost reductions 
With Imburse, enterprises can lower the high costs of integrating with multiple PSPs. 

Unified reporting and payment analytics 
Get unified reporting for all the different providers to optimise operations and gather customer insights.

Fast and easy deployment
We do all the heavy-lifting of technical integrations in just a few weeks, so you can improve speed-to-market. 

payment technologies and providers around the globe.

White label hosted pages
Provide your customers with a seamless checkout experience using our white label checkout component. 

Direct Debit Mandate Management
Easily store and manage paperless Direct Debit Mandates.


Humble Bee Insurance Suite

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From Mendix partner Valcon: Address the needs of insurance brokers and underwriters in areas such as new business onboarding, billing and payments, adjustments, claims and renewals. Provide flexible connectivity to existing core systems to add a modern digital portal that serves the evolving needs of digital insurance.