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The Mendix Insurance Cloud is where customers and partners can find ways to use Mendix to solve common challenges in the industry, from distribution to underwriting to claims.
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Customer Onboarding

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The Customer Onboarding app is designed to improve the customer engagement and process efficiency between agents and their clients. The B2C responsive web app helps register customers to their wealth portal, where they can manage their details, portfolio and documentation. On top of that, the app is integrated with DocuSign ensuring the whole process is digital and completely removes the need for physical paperwork.

Underwriter Workbench

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Underwriters often deal with fragmented and inefficient processes. Data sits in multiple silos, and getting information and answers is tough to facilitate and harder to track. Imagine being audited and having to track down a paper trail when your organization is still relying on spreadsheets. The time is now for insurers to digitalize offerings and services.

The Underwriter Workbench built in conjunction with Capgemini is the tool that allows an application to be built that brings all your underwriting tools and processes together under one roof. A single control panel serves as a one stop shop for underwriting tools and processes, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Enables underwriters to complete risk assessment quickly and efficiently
  • Shortens time-to-decision
  • Facilitates predictive analysis

Get a 360-degree view of your underwriting processes with an intuitive chasis that’s easy to customize, deploy, and offers flexibility. The product’s easy usability comes from:

  • using a workflow engine
  • allowing the user to configure the necessary rules for automated task referral
  • incorporating a mechanism to contact brokers via email at every stage of the process
  • offering an appealing UI
  • letting the administrator set up rating values per coverage/retention rate manually

In addition, connecting to rating tools is easier using Mendix compared to traditional technology.  In this video, see how an application built in Mendix can work with Excel-based rating tools by using Coherent Spark through an API REST call.

Click here to be taken to a video on how to integrate your Excel sheet using Coherent Spark.

Do you want to know more, get a full demo or discuss the roadmap features you require? Please contact us!
Or do you simply get started and go make it! In that case it’s available for download here.

And if you are interested in a German video about efficient underwriting feel free to look into Underwriting mit Effizienz ermöglichen:

Dieses Video gibt einen Überblick über die Verwendung der anpassbaren Underwriter-Workbench. Wir schlüpfen in unterschiedliche Rollen und durchlaufen den Prozess bis zur Angebotserstellung. Dabei wird die Nutzung einiger Features, wie z.B. die Feedbackverarbeitung, veranschaulicht. Zudem wird durch eine Low-Code Anpassung gezeigt, wie schnell die Applikation um weitere Funktionen erweitert werden kann.

    D2C Product Launch, Quote and Buy

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    “How do we get to market faster?” is a question every insurer faces. Even the best new product ideas get bogged down by legacy systems and COTS solutions that limit speed at which an insurer or intermediary can launch them. At Mendix we understand that even with low-code, development capacity can be spread thin.

    Why be completely dependent on IT development resources for launching your new products? This D2C Product Launch, Quote and Buy template created in conjunction with Capgemini allows business analysts can configure a new product easily themselves with little or no developer involvement.

    The D2C Product Launch, Quote and Buy template shows how easy it is to configure a new product for launching to the market, plus setting up the quote and buy journey: this includes product configuration, ability to set up a customer or intermediary portal to revisit old quotes and policies, and an admin portal. The template has examples of several insurance products.

    In addition, Mendix makes it easier than traditional technology to connecting and interoperating with external systems and services.  In these videos, see how applications built in Mendix are able to connect to two core systems in the insurance industry.

    • Here is an example of how an embedded quote and buy journey app for credit protection insurance was created in Mendix and connects with Guidewire PolicyCenter
    • In this example, an app made in Mendix for purchasing car insurance makes several calls on Socotra, from calculating the premium to binding the policy

    Do you want to know more, get a full demo or discuss the roadmap features you require? Please contact us!
    Or do you simply get started and go make it! In that case it’s available for download here.

    Claims Template

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    Insurers and intermediaries use the Mendix’s platform to differentiate from their competitors by creating custom claims management solutions that are tailored to their unique business challenges and operations. The Claims Management Template is a tool to kickstart the creation of claims management solutions.  The Template shows how you can create in Mendix a First Notice of Loss (FNOL) process with vehicles or luxury goods use cases as examples. It also demonstrates the ability to create a workbench for staff handling the claims such as Claims Investigators, Damage Appraisers or Claims Negotiators. Furthermore, the template includes a demo implementation of the Imburse payment platform connector, showcasing how a FNOL process can be easily extended with various options for direct payout. And for those who would rather upload a handwritten ACORD form and have the information extracted from there than having to fill out the questionnaire there also is an example implementation of AWS Textract connector.

    App Services

    Blockbax Connector

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    Empower your Mendix app with sensor & machine data

    Blockbax will provide Mendix customers & partners with an intuitive platform for storing, visualizing, analyzing and combining real-time and historical data coming from sensors of machines. This allows business users to convert raw data into valuable information and insights by configuring pro-active data analytics on the incoming data - without writing a single line of code.

    With the Blockbax Connector for Mendix, the insights derived from the data can easily be integrated into Mendix workflow & inspection apps, customer portal or any other Mendix application.

    An example of a Mendix workflow application which is leveraging the Blockbax Platform for handling connectivity with assets, analytics and real-time maintenance triggers, can be checked out here:

    Interested in learning more, or making use of the connector? Feel free to drop us a message via Slack or by email at

    FiServ (cardpointe) Connector

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    The Kinetech CardConnect Module brings payment processing to the Mendix marketplace. This expert maintained widget supports multiple payment processing options including:

    • Dip the chip

    • Swipe card

    • And Card not present (e-commerce) transactions

    The payment gateway is provided by FiServ, and requires customers to complete FiServ / Know Your Customer (KYC) paperwork.  This module supports multiple device types offered by Card Connect, contact us for latest details. To get setup contact Kinetech Sales:

    • , 

    • (844) 546-3832, 



    Coherent Spark


    Turn your Excel spreadsheet into a REST API in minutes with Coherent Spark. This connector will kickstart the process of consuming your Spark Service.

    Simply adding tags to your model, to indicate inputs and outputs, and then uploading your Excel spreadsheet to Coherent Spark will create you a REST API that is secure, version controlled, testable at scale and executes up to 100 x faster than Excel. When used in combination with Mendix this will allow you to turn complex Excel models into application in days not months.

    Salesforce Connector


    Leverage the Salesforce REST API with the Salesforce Connector module to integrate and manage Salesforce data in your app, including information about your Salesforce organization and its resources.

    DocuSign Connector


    Do you want to let users sign documents? The DocuSign Connector allows you to use DocuSign’s eSignature API in your app. The connector gives you the flexibility to choose what type of signing (embedded or remote) you want to implement in your app. For more information on the eSignature API see

    Sanctions IO

    Sanctions & PEP Data API connector using


    HumbleBee for digital insurance

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    HumbleBee is an off-the-shelve insurance distribution solution for end-2-end processes and omnichannel engagement with partners and clients. From product management and quoting, to policy subscription and adjustments, to renewals and claims management. HumbleBee can run as process and case management layer on top of existing or new (headless) policy administration systems, as well as standalone solution using the build-in policy management and party data management modules.

    Using its unique modular product configuration, HumbleBee is one single insurance framework for all your business lines and insurance products. Adding new products or changing coverages can be done run-time in just hours without development or changing the other solution components. The powerfull Dynamic Case Management and Business Rule Management core allows handling of complex dynamic underwriting and claims processes, or automating Straight-Through-Processing and automatic underwriter acceptance.

    As Adaptive Solution, HumbleBee provides full flexibility to extend the product data model, add or modify process steps, tailor the UI and branding, or create complex underwriting or rating logic. Using the included Mendix integration capabilities, HumbleBee provides out-of-the-box APIs for integration with portals and third-party platforms, and flexible connectivity to existing core systems and third-party webservices.