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*** Deprecated *** Use my new Custom group box widget instead: Continuation of my work at Synobsys. Ready for Mx8 Place an element in the header of a group box.




Move another element into the header of a groupbox

As of Mendix 5.19.0 the groupbox allows dynamic content in the header so you may not need this widget anymore.

Typical usage scenario

  • Show attribute data in the group box caption rather than a fixed value.

Features and limitations

  • Put anything in the groupbox header
  • Apply individual stying to the element in the groupbox header


Normal App Store installation


  • Mendix 6.10.2 Environment


The order in which to put the elements in the group box:

  • The element to put in the header, usually an individual element or a table
  • This widget
  • Other elements, which will remain in the group box body.


Attribute value. Use this to apply custom styling to the element.


The widget will put an additional attribute on the element that is moved.

Example: Attribute value property = mygroupbox

When you put a table in the header the following can be used to style the table:


To keep the expand/collapse button in place, the widget inserts a table in the groupbox header to contain the data and the expand/collapse button. This table may be styled using:



Version: 2.0.0
Framework Version: 8.0.0
Release Notes: Made widget compatible with Mendix 8
Version: 1.0
Framework Version: 6.10.2
Release Notes: Continuation of my work, now at ITvisors Ready for Mendix 7