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Use this widget to show a location on Google Maps based on an address or coordinates using data sources like Context, Static, XPath or Microflow. Customize the marker display, and more.


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Google Maps

  • Show locations on google maps


  • Show location on a map based on an address
  • Show location on a map based on an coordinate
  • Show list of both addresses and coordinates on the map
  • Data sources Context, Static, XPath or Microflow
  • Customize the display of the marker. If the marker can not be found from the custom markers. The widget will use the specified custom markers else it will use the widget bundled marker.


Context and static datasource are Offline capable with Mendix data, however still need to be online to see the map.

The widget uses Google Maps API v3. So the Limitations from Google applies, especially for geocoding. We even advise geocoding your locations within your Mendix application and store them for later use as coordinates on the widget.


Mendix 7.9.0

How it Works

When displaying locations, the widget will prioritize coordinates over addresses.In the event that the coordinate is not specified, it will use address. If there are multiple locations, the map will be centered based on default address specified. However if it is only a single point in the list, the map will center to that point. When the zoom level is zero (0), then the map will use the bounds zoom. When the default center is not specified, the map will use the bounds center

Demo project

Running google maps widget


Modeler setup google maps widget

Data source: Static

  • On the Data source option of the Data source tab, select the static option if its not already selected by default.
  • On the Static locations option of the same tab, click new to add Static locations.

Data source: XPath

  • On the Data source option of the Data source tab, select the XPath option.
  • Specify the Location entity and the XPath constraint (if any).

Data source: Microflow

  • On the Data source option of the Data source tab, select the Microflow option.
  • Specify the Location entity and the Microflow to retrieve the Map locations from (both required).


  • It is used to configure how the map responsively looks in relation to the container it is placed in.

Custom markers

  • It is used to configure how the marker icon should be look. Due to the limitation of Mendix. The markers are created based on enumeration. An enumeration containing the name and caption of the markers should be created within your project and that enumeration assigned to the Location entity. From the Custom markers tab, the enumeration key and image is then specified in the Marker images

Issues, suggestions and feature requests

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Development and contribution

Please follow development guide.


Version: 1.5.2
Framework Version: 7.13.1
Release Notes: - We are now up to date with the latest stable version of google maps. (Fixes GitHub issue #26) - When using static locations, it no longer to require to add a location, so an empty map can be shown. (Implements GitHub request #27) - Update default center to new Mendix office - Improved error messages when address lookup fails