Data Grid Search Filters

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Use this widget to add in-column searching to your Mendix data grids. You can even use even grids sourced from a microflow or from an association where the built-in filters are unavailable.


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Datagrid Column Search


This Mendix widget adds interactive in-column searching to the Mendix data grid. Filters work in an "AND" configuration, just like Excel.

Also, for the first time, you can search within data grids that are sourced via microflow or association!

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For more information on contributing to this repository visit Contributing to a GitHub repository!


To use this widget, simply drop it on a page with a data grid and set 2 properties:

  • Grid Name: the "name" property of the data grid you want to have search fields
  • Grid Entity: the entity show in the data grid

Supported Data Types

The following data types are supported:

  • String
  • Integer
  • Long
  • Date (localized and non-localized)
  • Enumeration
  • Boolean
  • AutoNumber

Supported Mendix versions and browsers

Testing was completed in Mendix 5.21.4 and Mendix 6.10.3, on Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Edge.


This widget has not been tested against the newest data source for the data grid: Database. It does support the following data sources:

  • Microflow
  • Association
  • XPath (previously labeled "Database" in Mendix 5)


Version: 2.0.0
Framework Version: 8.0.0
Release Notes: This release adds support for Mendix 8. Specifically, date columns would cause the widget to throw an error. This release also drops support for Mendix 7 and 6. Please use a previous release for those versions of Mendix.