Virus Scan for Mendix

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It's time to stop worrying and start trusting your users generated content. With a simple action you can now identify malware, phishing, spam and other malicious content. With the Virus Scan for Mendix you can scan all incoming documents within seconds.

Data protection:

* Traffic is over TLS(SSL) only

* Persistent data is always encrypted

* All transient storage encrypted and eventually scrubbed

* Your files are never permanently stored.

Your data is only on the servers for the extent of time necessary to process and fingerprint it (usually milliseconds), after that we store metadata about its content to help us improve the overall engine accuracy.

* All stored metadata is inferred and will never include any user provided information such as file name or type. Data sovereignty

* We respect and understand data sovereignty laws. With points of presence in both USA and EU all metadata captured by our service remains in the continent of origin in accordance with EU Data Privacy Rules.

The scanning service is available in multiple regions:

* Dublin - Ireland

* Virginia - USA

* Sydney - Australia

* Latency distributed (traffic is routed to closest server to the consumer) Sample file is available at  


Contact our sales at, we have subscriptions starting from € 1187,- euro / year for 60.000 filescans up to as much as you wish. The fees are yearly and paid upfront, just like Mendix. For the fee we make sure the module stays up-to-date with the latest Mendix and Scanii releases, we provide support and release new functionalities.


Please contact our support team if you have any issues with the module at


Typical usage scenario

Scans every document users upload, like MS Word documents, photos, zip files etc.

Sample file is available at

(Please note that you have activated the Windows Virus and Threat Protection system, you won't allow you to create the above sample file.)

Features and limitations

Limitations are based on your license for the amount of documents you can scan. Starting from €1146 /year for 60.000 file-scans up to as much as you wish.



  • Mendix 7.2.0 or higher(8.18.24 for latest updates).
  • ApprontoLicenser


  • ASU_Antivirus4Mendix in your startup microflow
  • Call SUB_FileDocument_VirusScan with your document!


Version: 5.2.1
Framework Version: 8.18.24
Release Notes: ASU_VirusScan4Mendix has been updated to work with latest version of the ApprontoLicencer. To activate a product, the name of the license needs to be provided; 'VirusScan4Mendix' The keep things compatible, it's recommended to update the Appronto Licensing module as well. Fixed: ASU_VirusScan4Mendix; InputParamter
Version: 5.2.0
Framework Version: 8.18.24
Release Notes: This version has been upgrade to the latest available LTS version 8.18.24. Jackson Java libraries have been updated to 2.15.2 Scanii Java library has been updated to 5.0.0
Version: 5.1.0
Framework Version: 8.18.18
Release Notes: Update of dependencies due to vulnerability issues. The following .jar files have been updated: - jackson-databind-2.13.3; updated to to resolve vulnerability - jackson-annotations-2.13.3; updated to 2.13.4 to match jackson library files - jackson-core-2.13.3.jar; updated to 2.13.4 to match jackson library files - jackson-datatype-jsr310-2.13.3.jar; updated to 2.13.4 to match jackson library files - slf4j-api-2.0.0-alpha7.jar; updated to stable release 2.0.5 - slf4j-nop-2.0.5.jar; added to handle Scanii connectivity - http-request-6.0.jar; removed as this is no longer necessary
Version: 5.0.0
Framework Version: 8.18.18
Release Notes: Fixed a bug in closing thread after scanning a file resulting in an overflow of unused threads
Version: 4.0.0
Framework Version: 8.14.1
Release Notes: Removed dependencies on ProcessQueue module. Added automatic delete of infected files based on constant value. Added Unit Tests(excluded). Added the test microflow as Toolbox action Adjusted the names of microflows to be in line with Mendix best practices. ** changes requiring manual changes after update ** The AfterStartup flow now returns a boolean value The input parameter name of the scan java action has been changed.