Image Crop

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This module can transform images based on a selection made in the browser.


Please see Image Crop in the Mendix documentation for details.


Version: 4.0.3
Framework Version: 8.18.7
Release Notes: Fixes - We updated the module to be compatible with Mendix 9 - We removed Atlas dependencies
Version: 4.0.2
Framework Version: 8.0.0
Release Notes: - Improving code of Java actions
Version: 4.0.1
Framework Version: 8.0.0
Release Notes: - We fixed an issue where png images wouldn't stay transparent after saving them - We fixed an issue when editing png images the background would appear to be black - We upgraded dependent libraries
Version: 4.0.0
Framework Version: 8.0.0
Release Notes: - Migrated widget module to 8.0.0 - Merged small vulnerability fixes
Version: 3.4.1
Framework Version: 6.0.1
Release Notes: - Fixed: duplicated cropper view.