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Do you want your users to be able to search fast and easy through the complete application? This module is used to literally find what you are looking for. Just like Google, the module works the same way in your Mendix application. Increase user-friendliness by simplifying navigation. Index all information, including documents.


When to use?

- If you have to navigate too much in your app to get your detail screens

- If you want to increase the user experience within your app

- If you want to find documents and data faster in your application 

- If you want to find documents and data faster in documents that are located in your application


What does the “Google Search 4 Mendix” Module contain?

- Configure bases on MxModelReflection a set of objects and fields where you should be able to search

- Please keep in mind the Mendix access rules from the model

- Connect every object with an click-handler (microflow) to opened the desired screen

- Search in documents and in data from your database (Powered by Lucene)

- Backup and restore your search database


For who?

- Application managers; configure the set of objects/fields where you should be able to search

- Users: Search from one input box trough all configured objects/fields



- Ease of use: With the click of a button, you get detailed information about what you are looking for.

- Complete: A single action allows you to search through different types of data. Includes both data (e.g., customers, orders, etc.) and documents (e.g., quotations, letters, etc.).

- Speed: Great performance because all information is indexed



Contact our sales at, we have subscription starting from € 1442,- euro / year for one application up to as many applications as you wish. The fees are yearly and paid upfront, just like Mendix. For the fee we make sure the module stays up-to-date with the latest Mendix releases, we provide support and release new functionalities.


Demo url


  • Delete the old approntospotlightsearch.jar


  • Mendix 9.3.0
  • MxModelReflection (probably already in your project)
  • Appronto Licenser


  • Fix possible layout errors (we used default Atlas UI)
  • Map the Configurator module role to your applications administrator user role
  • Map the User module role to every user role which will be able to search
  • From the USE_ME folder:
    • Add the ASU_SpotlightSearch to your after startup
    • Add the BSD_CreateBackup to your before shutdown
    • Add the SpotlightSearchConfig_Overview to your navigation
    • Add the SN_Search snippet to the forms or layouts you want to have the search available in. Most times you want to add this to a header of your layout.
  • Start the project and login as administrator.
  • Go to the SpotlightSearchConfig_Overview form and add indexes
  • Type something in the Spotlight Search field and check if everything is working!
  • Apply custom CSS styling dependent on the position of the search.
  • Note: to run the module in the cloud and/or production you’ll need a license. In development on your local machine the module will run without license. You can obtain a free license for cloud Test and Acceptance environments. For production license please contact






Version: 5.0.0
Framework Version: 9.3.0
Release Notes: Upgrade Mendix 9
Version: 4.0.0
Framework Version: 8.18.8
Release Notes: Upgrade Mendix 8 (and 9 separate)
Version: 3.3.0
Framework Version: 7.23.8
Release Notes: - Fixed the jars for the compatibility with POI 4.11 (xmlbeans-3.1.0.jar, commons-compress-1.19.jar en commons-collections4-4.4.jar) - Fixed indexing FileDocument content direct and over association. Best is to initially refresh the FileDocument indexes.
Version: 3.2.2
Framework Version: 7.23.8
Release Notes: Updated libraries: pdfbox pdfbox-2.0.13 poi 4.1.1 poi ooxml 4.1.1 poi-ooxml-schemas-4.1.1 commons-lang3-3.9.jar Note that the Excel importer module includes a lower version of the POI library jar files. Delete 4.0.0 variants. Uses the newest Community commons module
Version: 3.2.1
Framework Version: 7.23.8
Release Notes: Mx8 compatible fix (java and FormatString widget)