File Upload With Preview

Content Type: Widget
Categories: Import/Export


In this Widget Users Can Upload Files and they can View the Preview of the Uploaded File.



The File Upload with Preview Widget is designed to provide an intuitive and efficient way for users to upload files to your application. This widget simplifies the upload process by allowing users to drag and drop files or select them through a file browser, with instant visual feedback through a preview feature.

Use Case:

Imagine a web application where users need to submit documents, images, or other files as part of their interaction. This widget can be integrated seamlessly into forms, enabling users to upload and preview their files before final submission. This ensures that users can verify the correctness of their uploads, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving user satisfaction.



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.3
Release Notes: File Upload with Preview Version: 9.24.3 Release Date: July 4, 2024 New Features: File Upload: Users can upload files with a simple drag-and-drop or click-to-upload interface. Preview Functionality: Instant preview of uploaded images and documents before submission. File Type Restrictions: Configure allowed file types to ensure secure and relevant uploads. Customizable Preview: Adjust preview size and display options to fit your application's needs.