AI-enhanced Work Instructions

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AI-Enhanced Work Instructions simplifies the creation of accurate and efficient work instructions using artificial intelligence. Process engineers can easily integrate and update technical documentation, ensuring consistency and reliability. Extend your knowledge base by uploading Word, Excel, TXT, and PDF documents to the 'Train the Model' section. The AI intelligently generates and merges work instructions by utilizing the comprehensive data stored in your knowledge base. Designed for various industries, our app streamlines the work instruction authoring process by using technical documentation to create work instructions, saving time and improving productivity. Discover the future of designing and refining technical processes with the AI-Enhanced Work Instructions App.



All modules that are needed to make this application work are already shipped with the download.

In order to make this application work you need to have an AWS account and set up a Knowledge Base with AWS Bedrock.


1. Create a Knowledge Base on AWS Bedrock

2. Configure your AWS credentials (AWS Authentication)



Steps to run the application

  1. Log in to the application using the default credentials (User: MxAdmin, Password: 1). 

  2. Access the employees section:

  3. Create at least a new employee for the User user role manually, ensuring that the email address includes the prefix demo_ (e.g., This enables easy utilization of the demo switcher function for efficient user role switching. 

  4. (Repeat 5. for the administrator user role)

  5. Switch to the user role using the demo switcher menu item.



Run the application and set up the following configuration in runtime:  


(1) Edit "AWS configuration settings" in runtime:

- Configuration Name: e.g. "MyConfiguration"

- AWS Access key (from the AWS console)

- AWS secret access key (from the AWS console)

- AWS region the knowledge base is configured


(2) Edit "Knowledge base configuration settings"

- Configuration Name: e.g. "MyConfiguration"

- Bucket name: the name of the S3 bucket that is connected to the knowledge base

- Knowledge base ID: ID of the knowledge base 

- Datasource ID: found in knowledge base -> data source overview

- Select AI model (please check on AWS what LLMs can be used for knowledge bases)



User Role Descriptions

Administrator - Manages file upload for knowledge base document, prompt configuration and AWS Bedrock connection settings within the app

User - Responsible for creating Bill of Process (BoP) and writing work instructions



Module Descriptions

AIChatAssistent - Design module for all chat related stylings.

BillOfProcess  - Empowers users to create bill of processes for products.

AWSConfiguration - Configuration module for AWS.

AWSImplementation - Implementation module of AWS Bedrock. 

KnowledgeBaseManagement - Manages the knowledge base (upload, download, delete of documents to the S3 Bucket) and synchronize the knowledge base with every change.

EmployeeManagement - Offers comprehensive management capabilities for employees, including the option to utilize pre-configured logic for resetting demo employee data (credentials required).




Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 10.6.3
Release Notes: First release