Blank GenAI App

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Accelerate your development of AI-augmented apps with the Blank GenAI app. The app already contains the necessary modules for getting started quickly, including the OpenAI connector and Amazon Bedrock connector to use a variety of models.

Ground the application in your own data by linking it to your data sources in a Retrieval-Augmented-Generation setup, or query live data with function calling through the ReAct pattern, it's all possible.



In order to use one (or both) of the platform-supported GenAI connectors, you only need to configure the access to the providers.


  • For OpenAI, the admin can configure the connection to OpenAI at runtime (see navigation). Make sure that the Encryption module was set up correctly. For more information, see OpenAI Configuration.
  • For Amazon Bedrock, there are multiple ways to configure the access which is specific to your use case. See the official documentation to decide what fits best for you, see AWS Authentication. At runtime, the AWS region can be selected (see navigation).


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If you plan to create your own Chat-GPT-like app, check out the AI Bot Starter App.

If you seek more Mendix + GenAI examples, both the OpenAI Showcase and Amazon Bedrock Showcase apps cover many use cases and patterns to implement GenAI successfully.



Version: 1.1.1
Framework Version: 10.12.0
Release Notes: We have updated the ConversationalUI module to version 1.1.1
Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 10.12.0
Release Notes: Initial release.