DocuFormat Converter

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DocuFormat Converter is a powerful and versatile module designed to streamline your document conversion needs within your Mendix application. This module allows you to convert a wide range of file formats, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced productivity. With DocuFormat Converter, users can easily convert and download files in the following formats:


  • PDF to DOC, PPT, and Excel
  • DOC to PDF, PPT, and XLS
  • PPT to PDF, Word, and XLS
  • XLS to PDF
  • Image to DOC and PDF


DocuFormat Converter


Description: DocuFormat Converter is a powerful module designed to simplify document conversion tasks within your Mendix application. This module supports converting a variety of file formats, facilitating seamless integration and enhancing productivity.

Typical Usage Scenario: DocuFormat Converter enables users to convert and download files in different formats directly within their Mendix applications, streamlining document handling and sharing processes.


Features and Limitations:


  • Convert files between multiple formats:
    • PDF to DOC, PPT, XLS
    • DOC to PDF, PPT, XLS
    • PPT to PDF, Word, XLS
    • XLS to PDF
    • Image to DOC, PDF
  • Download converted files in the selected format.


  • Ensure the supported formats meet your specific requirements.


  • Mendix Modeler: Version 9.24.23 or greater.
  • GroupDocs Account: To utilize the API for document conversion.

Installation and Configuration:

  1. Download the Module:

    • Download the module from the Mendix Marketplace.
    • Import it into your Mendix application.
  2. Configure Security:

    • Grant access to relevant user roles for using the module.
  3. Add to Navigation:

    • Add the "DocuFormatConverter" page to the navigation menu of your Mendix application.
  4. Create an Account:

  5. Create an App:

  6. Obtain Credentials:

    • Create a new app and storage on GroupDocs.
    • Obtain the Client ID and Secret from the created app.
  7. Configure Constants:

    • Update the constant values ClientID and ClientSecret in your Mendix application with the obtained credentials.
  8. Run and Login:

    • Run the Mendix application.
    • Log in with a user who has appropriate access rights.
  9. Ready to Convert:

    • The application is now ready to convert file formats.

By following these steps, you can successfully integrate and configure the DocuFormat Converter module within your Mendix application, enabling users to convert various file formats effortlessly.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.23
Release Notes: Initial Release