External database connections with JDBC

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In this tutorial I'll show you how to work with data trhough REST api in Mendix.


This module provides an example on how to:

1. Connect with external server with Rest API

2. Retrieve data from external server end-point

3. Process external data on a Mendix page.


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Demo urlhttps://youtu.be/Coc2XZ00L4U?si=DQ-bz0nhVtz1872d

Typical usage scenario


Mendix provide out of the box default database connection. However, what if you need to connect to multiple database that do not support API. In this case Execute queries supported by JDBC connection string are the solutions. In this module I explain how to setup and wotk with External Database connection, Using JDBC connection 


Features and limitations


In contrast with API, Execute statements do not have automatic mapping functionality. You have to created your recieving data manually. This can be quite time consuming.


Dependencies [optional]

  • ExternalDatabaseConnector


Frequently Asked Questions [optional]

  1. Are there free database servers to try? Answ. No, but you can always install Progress or Mysql locally for free and use this module to try locally.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 10.6.3
Release Notes: This module is the implementation of the Maxon Low-Code Tutorial. The Tutorial video is presented in Mendix 10.3, this version is Mendix 10.6.3, meaning that the implementation of the Exectue query activities are slightly different. For implementing the Execute Query in 10.6.3, you need to download the ExternalDatabaseConnector from the Marketplace. Release notes - 1 SELECT statement and 1 INSERT INTO statment - There is no actual database connection, developer must provide database credentials. - Additional examples for Postgress & oracle database provided in the microflow as annotation. - Implementation in 10.6.3 differs slightly from 10.3 version used in the tutorial video.