Atlas AI Chat

Content Type: Module
Categories: User Interface,AWS,Artificial Intelligence


Create an AI based Chat UI with snippets, building blocks and page template from this module. Integrate with any LLM and knowledge base to create your own full screen, sidebar or modal chat.


Typical usage scenario

Integrate a conversational UI in your Mendix application by simply drag-and-dropping our snippets onto your application.


Features and limitations

This module allows you to create AI chatbot user interface based on  snippets, reusable components. Whether you want to create a full screen, sidebar and modal chat, the layouts are all there. You can connect chat interfaces based on any LLM and Knowledge base implementation, including your own custom implementations.


Seamlessly integrate with knowledge bases in the interface (e.g. through RAG with sources) by showing sources to support users interpreting and validating the answers.


You can assist users with initial questions, and generated follow up questions to support the user in asking the right questions. By providing the right (selectable) system prompts, you can tailor the behavior of the application, without teaching your users any prompt engineering.


The module allows for storing historical conversations, so users can have conversations across sessions.


We support a full integration with Atlas custom variables to match your look and feel (e.g. fonts, colors and input style).



The Atlas AI Chat module integrates seamlessly with the AWS Bedrock and OpenAI connectors. You'll need to bring your own AWS account or (Azure) OpenAI subscription.


Private beta

Kindly be aware that this component is in private beta and is not downloadable for everyone at the moment. If you are interested, please reach out via the contact us form in this product details page.



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 10.10.0
Release Notes: Initial release