AI Bot Starter App

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Build your own private, enterprise grade ChatGPT-like solution. Connect it to a model like Anthropic Claude or Amazon Titan via Amazon Bedrock or use an (Azure) OpenAI subscription. 


With custom "instructions" the Bot can help your users to go beyond an "answering a question" mode. Imagine that it will be:

  • someone to brainstorm with and help you come up with creative ideas, or simply a rubber duck,
  • a copywriter that helps you with writing emails, catchy LinkedIn posts or whole blog posts,
  • a helpful assistant that understands larger texts by getting translations, summaries or even sentiments,
  • a researcher that can analyze PDFs and answer all questions you may have around it,
  • a peer that can effortlessly solve all your coding challenges.


Ground the application in your own data by linking it to your data sources in an Retrieval-Augmented-Generation setup, or query live data with function calling through the ReAct pattern, it's all possible.


Typical usage scenario

Use this template to create your own private, enterprise grade AI Bot application. 


Features and limitations

  • AI Chatbot conversations between User & an LLM
  • Linking knowledge bases, Bedrock Agents or Assistents
  • Displaying sources of messages to validate the content
  • Upload a PDF to ask questions about it.
  • Instructions to influence the behavior of the model. Prepopulated by an Admin, and customly created by Users
  • Overview of converstations per user



Bring your own large language model. Whether it's based on AWS Bedrock, (Azure) OpenAI, Snowflake Cortex, or your own model, you can connect it to the AI Bot Starter App.



  • Instantiate your app
  • Configure your LLM with endpoint and credentials
  • Manage the custom instructions
  • Deploy & promote in your user base


Private beta


Kindly be aware that this component is in private beta and is not downloadable for everyone at the moment. If you are interested, please reach out via the contact us form in this product details page.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 10.10.0
Release Notes: Initial release