Paradym connector

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In Paradym, you can build and host workflows for digital identity. It provides you with the actions, workflows and infrastructure needed to use verifiable credentials in your solution.


The Paradym connector allows you to easily and quickly connect with the Paradym API for Workflows and actions in Mendix.



Paradym is a workflow builder for developers that provides the actions, workflows and infrastructure you need to use verifiable credentials in your solution.

This Paradym connector enables the usage of most of the Paradym API resources described in API documentation


The connector_paradym requires at least Mendix version 9.24.18.


This module is maintained in this GitHub repository



Please report any issues with the Paradym connector on GitHub.


This module supports Paradym API v1


Please start with the Paradym documentation to get familiar with concepts of digital wallets, the workflows, actions and executions.

  1. Create an account with Paradym, obtain an API key
  2. Download connector_paradym from the Mendix Marketplace (or import it manually) into Studio Pro
  3. Connect the Administrator (module role) to a User role and add the Paradym Settings snippet on an overview accessible by the user setting up the Paradym connector
  4. Set Constant MicroflowProcessWebhook to the Module.MicroflowName that will handle the processing of the Webhook WorkflowExecution
  5. Add logic to create/edit/delete APISettings by using theAPISettingsHelper and open the APISettings_Edit (it's up to you to decide how to determine the _IDs)
  6. Add logic to create Projects (optional, can also be done via the Paradym dashboard)
  7. Run the application, sign in and go to the Paradym settings page
  8. Create APISettings, enter your API key and start syncing data from Paradym (at this point there won't be much data, but if you are connection with an existing API key you can retrieve existing projects, workflows, mediators, etc.)
  9. Start building with the components of connector_paradym (create workflows in Paradym, execute workflows, process the response from the webhooks)

To further test and work with Paradym workflows (and executions) it is recommended to use a gateway that can forward the webhook events to your local development machine (e.g. hookdeck, ngrok).


The module tries to follow the principle of least privilege, in which a user is given the minimum levels of access needed.

  • Module roles: Administrator role for configuring the Paradym connector and debugging information. No other users should have access to logic or data from this module.
  • Encryption: always store sensitive and personal information encrypted (e.g. ApiKey, proof-presentations, messages).



  • The API uses JSON:API 1.1 specification for requesting a list of entities. From this specification query parameters: filter[], sort are supported. Paradym also supports Cursor Pagination Profile for pagination with page[size], page[before] and page[after]. These filter options are not implemented in this connector.


  • Action: AttributesJSON is currently not correctly saved on the entity
  • Payload: For both Input & Actions the attributes and predicates are not fully imported in the presentationExchange and possibly also missing from credentialExchange


  • Farmworker Wallet OS ecosystem. Although connector_paradym is not part of the Farmworker Wallet OS it is used in the reference projects to demonstrate how a Cloud Agent implementation with Mendix could be developed
  • Paradym default workflows. The Paradym documentation contains some example workflows, this repository contains the workflows definitions used as starting point for Entidad projects implementing Paradym


Version: 1.1.2
Framework Version: 9.24.18
Release Notes: Update domain model, Executions_v1_Response_manipulated JSON and Import Mapping with OutOfBandId
Version: 1.1.1
Framework Version: 9.24.18
Release Notes: - Change attribute isReusable on Input (NPE) from string to boolean
Version: 1.1.0
Framework Version: 9.24.18
Release Notes: - Add 1-1 association between Offer and DidcommCredentialExchange (this allows for using the Offer, DidcommCredentialExchange and Input entities to be used in issueCredential workflows)
Version: 1.0.1
Framework Version: 9.24.18
Release Notes: - Change entity access on PublicKey.PublicKeyBase58 to none (used to be read) to expose less data, and removed its usages from the UI snippet
Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.18
Release Notes: With the Connector_Paradym you can easily and quickly add the integration with Paradym in your Mendix project. Paradym is a workflow builder for developers that provides the actions, workflows and infrastructure you need to use verifiable credentials in your solution.