Content Type: Widget
Categories: User Interface,Mobile,Data


We can show list by using Enumeration, Boolean and Reference. It works on light and dark theme.


Typical usage scenario

Title: Employee Role Selection in HR Management System

Description: Imagine a Human Resources (HR) management system used by a company to manage employee information, including their roles and responsibilities within the organization. In this scenario, we'll focus on the usage of a dropdown widget for selecting employee roles during the onboarding process.


Features and limitations

1. We can show list by using Enumeration, Reference.

2. We can search for filter options.

3. We can use Direction RTL to show list right to left.

4. We can clear textbox by clicking cross icon.

5. It works on light and dark mode.


Dependencies [optional]

No Dependencies Required.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.18.0
Release Notes: First Release