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This is simple button . You can show tooltip after hover on this button and you can customize this button ui using css.


Typical usage scenario

Imagine you're designing a Mendix application and you need to add custom buttons with tooltips to enhance user interaction and provide additional information. Our pluggable widget, "Custom Button," offers a simple yet powerful solution for this requirement. Here's how you can utilize our widget:

  1. Integration: Integrate the "Custom Button" widget into your Mendix application by adding it to your page or layout where you want the custom buttons to appear.

  2. Configuration: Customize the appearance and behavior of the buttons through the widget's properties. You can specify the button text, icon, tooltip text, and other UI-related settings to align with your application's design and functionality.

  3. Usage: Use the buttons within your application to trigger various actions or workflows. Users can hover over the buttons to view tooltips, providing them with additional context or guidance regarding each button's purpose or function.

  4. Customization: Tailor the buttons' appearance and behavior to suit your application's specific requirements. You can adjust colors, fonts, hover effects, and other styling elements to ensure consistency with your application's overall theme and branding.

Where It Can Be Useful:

  • User Guidance: Provide users with informative tooltips to explain the purpose or function of each button, improving usability and reducing confusion.

  • Workflow Triggers: Use the buttons to trigger specific workflows or actions within the application, such as submitting forms, navigating to different pages, or performing data manipulations.

  • Custom UI Elements: Enhance the visual appeal of your application by incorporating customized buttons with tooltips, adding a professional and polished touch to the user interface.

Features and limitations


  • Customization: Customize the appearance and behavior of the buttons, including text, icon, tooltip, and various styling options.

  • Tooltip Support: Display tooltips on hover to provide users with additional information or guidance regarding the buttons' functionality.

  • Action Handling: Perform actions or trigger workflows in response to user interactions with the buttons, enabling seamless integration with your application's logic.


  • Complexity: While the widget offers flexibility for customization, complex UI requirements may require additional customization or development effort.

  • Browser Compatibility: Compatibility may vary across different web browsers, requiring thorough testing to ensure consistent behavior and appearance.

  • Performance: Excessive customization or usage of the widget may impact the application's performance, especially on devices with limited resources.

Dependencies [optional]

No other Dependencies needed.



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.18.1
Release Notes: First Release