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Tackle your combined ratio with an AI ecosystem and low-code using our underwriting workbench, Cognitive Claims, Quote&Bind or Agent portal.


Whether it's improving your Underwriting margins, increase your GWP, decreasing Claims costs, increasing operational efficiency, reducing fraud or decreasing churn; our solutions always have one single purpose: improve the Combined Ratio while increasing Customer Experience (and NPS wherever possible).

We strive to be one-step ahead, delivering powerful AI capabilities through our “Framework Solutions” in order to deliver business value from day one.

And don’t worry if you are running on legacy systems, we were born technology agnostic, so we make it easy!


Low-code technologies are especially valuable when building multi-device, rich, seamless, and engaging user experiences, with visual interfaces that connect to multiple internal/external systems and data repositories, using agile methodologies that significantly outpace, traditional software development speed and flexibility. We have witnessed the evolution of low-code technologies in the last 20 years and how they can accelerate digital transformation and innovation projects in Banking and Insurance.


Typical usage scenario

Integrate UW Workbench, Cognitive Claims, Agent Portal or Quote & Bind solution on your technological ecosystem.


Features and limitations

A composable system that is based on a responsive web application (with optional native mobile app), built with Mendix low-code platform, connected with middle office layers and core systems and integrated with artificial intelligence (AI), decision management, advanced analytics, natural language processing (NLP) and 3rd party data components.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: Initial Release