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The microflow call hierarchy widget of Menditect allows you to see the tree of submicroflows that you call from the selected microflow at a glance. This allows you to walk through your Mendix model in a different way.


The integration of the microflow call hierarchy widget with MTA allows you to see, generate and run the MTA test cases associated to a microflow directly from Studio Pro. It also allows you to directly navigate to the right page in MTA for easy editing your test case. 


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This document describes how to import and configure the Microflow Call Hierarchy extension, so you can use it in Mendix Studio Pro.

The Microflow Call Hierarchy extension can be used on a microflow in Mendix Studio Pro, to hierarchically view all submicroflows that are called from that microflow in a tree structure.

The Microflow Call Hierarchy extension can also be used to generate a microflow test in Menditect Test Automation (MTA), and view test cases where that microflow is executed.


View the installation video!


To use the Menditect Call Hierarchy extension, you must have installed Mendix Studio Pro 10.6.3 or higher.

To install the Menditect Call Hierarchy extension:

  • Create or open a Mendix App in Studio Pro 10.6.3 or higher;
  • Download the Menditect Call Hierarchy extension from the Mendix marketplace;
  • Import it in the Mendix App.

Microflow Call Hierarchy

To view the Microflow Call Hierarchy:

  • Make sure the App Explorer tab is visible in Studio Pro.
  • Right-click on any Microflow in the App Explorer.
  • Select the "Menditect" sub menu.
  • Click on "Microflow Call Hierarchy".

Mendix will open the Microflow Call Hierarchy tab and show all submicroflows called from the selected microflow, hierarchically.

Double-click on any of the microflows in this tab, to open it in Studio Pro.

Known limitations

  • Rules are not shown in the hierarchy view.
  • Viewing a very large microflow call hierarchy will crash the extension webviewer tab in Studio Pro.
  • Switching Apps in Studio Pro may crash the extension in Studio Pro.
  • Excluded microflows are not viewed differently than included microflows.
  • If the project contains errors, the call hierarchy is not reliable.
  • Using SSO for the credentials that are used to login to MTA is not supported.
  • Incorrect configuration of the constants in the Deeplink module may lead to errors in the web viewer.
  • A large number of user sessions can appear in MTA when using the extension intensively.
  • Using the extension in Studio Pro under MacOS is currently not supported.
  • For Menditect software used by non-paying Menditect users the support level is “Low” by default (see Menditect Service Level Agreement).


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The Menditect - Microflow Call Hierarchy widget is fully supported for Menditect customers. All other users will receive "best effort" support. See also our Service Level Agreement


Version: 2.12.4
Framework Version: 10.6.3
Release Notes: See