React Webcam

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In today's digital era, the flexibility of using webcams through mobile devices has significantly enhanced user experience. A notable advancement in this area is the capability of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) and mobile-responsive web applications to allow users to seamlessly switch between the front and back cameras when the application is accessed via a mobile device. This feature is particularly useful for a variety of applications, from video conferencing to capturing content, providing a versatile and user-friendly interface. Although this functionality is not native to all mobile operating systems, its integration into PWAs and responsive web designs marks a significant step towards more interactive and adaptable web experiences.


Demo url


Webcam open on laptop or mobile device via application url


Open front back camera on mobile device. Capture and save image via microflow.


- Create an entity which contains all widget props. The props can be refer from this source

- Place widget under the dataview with the source is microflow that create the props entity.

- Then map the attribute base on capture picture below 

Demo project

Issues, suggestions and feature requests

Development and contribution

node v18.17.x

npm run build to generate widget under folder dist.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.1
Release Notes: React Webcam is a versatile library for React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, designed to simplify the process of working with webcams in web applications. It allows developers to easily capture video and still images directly from the user's webcam, offering a range of options for customization and control. With React Webcam, developers can integrate webcam functionality into their React applications with minimal effort, enabling features such as real-time video streaming, snapshots, and more. The library provides a straightforward API, making it accessible for developers of varying skill levels to implement robust webcam interaction within their projects, enhancing the user experience and expanding the capabilities of web-based applications.