Fast Marquee

Content Type: Widget
Categories: User Interface,Visualization,Data


The text provides a multilingual welcome message in various languages, followed by a brief description of a lightweight React component designed for creating smooth CSS animation-based marquees.



render text, image, image card in sequence left to right.


marquee animation can be use in welcome page or landing page with special information.


- Drag and Drop the widget in data view.

- Configure widget based on mpk demo project.

Demo project

Issues, suggestions and feature requests


Development and contribution

  1. Install NPM package dependencies by using: npm install. If you use NPM v18.17.x, which can be checked by executing npm -v, execute: npm install --legacy-peer-deps.
  2. Run npm start to watch for code changes. On every change:
    • the widget will be bundled;
    • the bundle will be included in a dist folder in the root directory of the project;
    • the bundle will be included in the deployment and widgets folder of the Mendix test project.

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Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.0
Release Notes: Support Text, Image Src, Card.