Senseye Connector

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Introducing the Senseye Connector initial release, designed to facilitate access to your Predictive Maintenance data from Senseye and seamlessly integrate it into your Mendix applications. Explore more about Senseye at:

To streamline implementation, an example setup featuring the connector is available in the Predictive Maintenance application, accessible at:


Typical usage scenario

  • Integrating Siemens-Senseye Predictive Maintenance in your Mendix application

Features and limitations

  • Retrieve Asset list and icons from Senseye
  • Retrieve Case data from Senseye
  • Retrieve Asset downtime, work events related data from Senseye
  • Update Case close data along with all information around statistics in Senseye
  • Update New work event data mapped to an asset


  • Senseye credentials


  • Drag the SNIPPET_ConnectionDetails from the use me folder into a page
  • Set the constants for the username and password of the SenseyeConnector in the runtime


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.2
Release Notes: first version