PDF Header Footer Module

Content Type: Module
Categories: Utility


This module will help you to add custom Header and Footer along with pagination in a PDF file.


Typical usage scenario

Document Branding:

  • Organizations often require consistent branding on their documents. This Java action can be used to add headers and footers with company's names, and other branding elements to PDFs.

Report Customization:

  • Users generating reports in PDF format may want to customize headers and footers to include report titles, page numbers, and other relevant information for better presentation.

Legal Documents:

  • Legal documents often require specific headers and footers with information such as case numbers, client names, and legal disclaimers. Users can leverage this Java action to tailor these elements.

Custom Page Numbering:

  • Users may need custom page numbering in their documents, and this Java action allows them to define the format and placement of page numbers within the footer.

Features and limitations


Customizable Headers/Footers:

  • Define left, center, and right headers/footers with user-specified content.
  • Set the font size and font color for each header/footer section.
  • Set a background with the specified color to the header/footer using hex code.
  • Customizable header/footer height.


  • Include page numbers in the footer if required.


  • Images are not supported in Headers and Footers.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.3
Release Notes: The component is compatible for Mendix version 9.24.3 and above.