Azure AI Services - Convert Text to Audio

Content Type: Widget
Categories: Artificial Intelligence


The Text to Audio widget converts any text into audio using Microsoft Azure AI Services. You can easily manipulate to generate images or use any other AI services.


Typical usage scenario

Convert text into audio would be useful for Visually impaired users, a Mendix flow could generate text and get it returned to a user in audio format.

Features and limitations

Widget uses the Text to Speech AI service only

Dependencies [optional]

User requires Azure AI Service instance and a key to use two REST endpoints.


Add the mpk file to your Mendix project.

Configuration [optional]

Using the Toolbox > Widgets > Add-ons > Drag the "Text to Speech Azure" widget onto your canvas.

Properties > Configure the "Auth URL", "App URL" and "Api key" using your Azure AI Service.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 10.7.0
Release Notes: Simple Mendix widget that allows text to be converted into speech using Azure AI Services. User requires Azure key to process the text into audio.