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Gemini Pro, Google's most advanced AI model yet, designed to revolutionize the way you interact with information and complete tasks.

This module gives you a ready-to-use connector for Google’s Gemini Pro API. Current version of this connector supports the Text based use cases such as:

  • Writing Wizard: Generate text content, code, scripts, musical pieces, emails, letters, and more in various languages and styles. Gemini Pro adapts to your preferences, ensuring your creations are unique and personalized.
  • Translation Titan: Break down language barriers effortlessly. Translate fluently between languages, detect unknown tongues, and seamlessly switch between scripts. Communication is no longer a hurdle.
  • Summarization Sage: Unravel complex information with concise summaries tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer a quick overview or an in-depth analysis, Gemini Pro delivers the perfect information bite.
  • Question-Answering Ace: Explore any topic with confidence. Ask open-ended, challenging, or specific questions and receive insightful answers backed by factual information. Gemini Pro is your personal knowledge vault.
  • Coding Companion: Write code in various programming languages, generate efficient solutions, and debug errors with ease. Gemini Pro is your coding partner, assisting you from beginner to expert level.

Getting started:

  1. Sign-up to Google AI Studio
  2. Generate an API Key in Google AI Studio
  3. Download this connector for your own app in Studio Pro
  4. Review the sample included as part of the connector.
  5. Configure the API Key as per the documentation.



Discover a new approach to automating tasks with AI. Utilize this connector to seamlessly link with Google Gemini. Import this module into your application and jumpstart your automation journey.

Typical usage scenario

Enhance your Mendix apps with the GeminiPro Connector Module, offering seamless integration with Google's GeminiPro service. Effortlessly receive responses tailored to your prompts, enriching user interactions within your applications.

Use Cases:

  • Translation: Easily translate user input into multiple languages, ideal for accommodating diverse linguistic preferences, such as NL and FR in Belgium.
  • Text Classification: Utilize Geminipro to classify text as positive or negative, enabling insightful analysis of user feedback.
  • Chatbot: Implement Geminipro as a responsive chatbot for your users, providing dynamic conversation and assistance within your app.

Experience the power of GeminiPro Connector Module, elevating user engagement and interaction in your Mendix applications.

Features and limitations

The current version of this connector supports only the text-based prompts. Support for multi-model will be included in upcoming versions.

Dependencies [optional]

  • 10.3.0

Configuration [optional]

  1. Utilize microflow RST_GeminiPro_getResponse for prompt responses.
  2. Configure -ApiKey(string) with your API key generated from Google AI Studio.
  3. Explore sample pages for comprehensive functionality. Elevate user interaction in Mendix apps.

Known bugs [optional]



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 10.3.0
Release Notes: Initial release