DocDigitizer PowerCapture Connector Template

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Enhance your Mendix application with the DocDigitizer PowerCapture Connector and revolutionize your document workflows. 

This connector integrates seamlessly with Mendix, offering the power of PowerCapture's Intelligent Document Processing API with ease. It utilizes cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generation-AI models to streamline your document handling processes with high accuracy.

With PowerCapture, you gain the ability to extract data from any type of document, backed by a quality-assured Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing data accuracy and reliability of over 99%. The result? Actionable data that's accurately formatted and ready for immediate integration into your business decision-making and operational processes.

Our connector offers advanced capabilities for your Mendix app, including:

  • Handwritten Text Extraction
  • Signature Detection and Extraction
  • Table Data Extraction
  • Fraud Detection
  • Enterprise-Level Security Measures
  • Built-In Human-in-the-Loop Enrichment

Key functionalities of this connector include:

  • UploadDocument
  • GetDocumentAnalysis

DocDigitizer connector offers an unlimited test mode, featuring over 50 pre-built data schemas. These schemas are tailored to a variety of use cases across multiple sectors, including Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Public Sector, Retail, and Telecom.

Empower your Mendix application with the DocDigitizer PowerCapture Connector, and transform the way you manage and process documents.


How can I give it a try?

Just load up the project, run it and start testing with the sample documents in test mode.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 10.6.2
Release Notes: Introduces Key functionalities of the connector in test mode, including: - UploadDocument - GetDocumentAnalysis