Power BI Embedded

Content Type: Service
Categories: Visualization


Seamlessly embed your Power BI reports inside of Mendix applications



This package provides a module for the Azure and Power BI service configuration and a widget for pages that handles the embedding process.


Typical usage scenario

When there are Power BI reports to embed in a Mendix application


  1. create a single pane of glass application where visualizations may contain data that is collected outside of the Mendix application
  2. export data from your application to Power BI Service and then embed those reports instead of building visualizations and dashboards inside of the Mendix application

Features and limitations

Can embed any report from Power BI service provided the configuration is correct and the necessary permissions have been configured in Microsoft Azure and Power BI Service



  • Mendix 9+

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Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.0.5
Release Notes: Initial release Power BI module to support embedded visualizations & widget to handle embedding in UI