Werk24 CAD Extract

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Technical Drawings meet AI innovation with Werk24.io in Mendix workflows. Automate and streamline data extraction, boost accuracy, and revolutionize your manufacturing process. This AI-powered tool transforms complex drawings into accessible, structured data, elevating productivity and creativity in your Mendix applications.



Werk24.io revolutionizes Mendix development by introducing AI-driven analysis of technical drawings. This cutting-edge tool seamlessly integrates into Mendix workflows, offering automated extraction of detailed information from engineering drawings. It converts complex, scanned images into structured, easily accessible data formats. With Werk24.io, developers can rapidly process RFQs, enhance data management, and facilitate real-time reporting. This integration significantly reduces manual input, increases accuracy, and boosts overall efficiency. Werk24.io is ideal for Mendix applications requiring precise technical data, offering a transformative solution that blends AI innovation with practical application development.

Experience the future of engineering analysis in Mendix with Werk24.io.

Typical usage scenario

  1. Automated RFQ Analysis: In manufacturing, Mendix apps can use Werk24.io to automatically analyze and filter incoming Request for Quotations (RFQs) based on technical drawings. This streamlines the quotation process and ensures compatibility with manufacturing capabilities.
  2.  Enhanced Inventory Management: For inventory management systems, Werk24.io can extract specific data from technical drawings, such as part dimensions and materials, aiding in accurate inventory tracking and ordering.
  3. Quality Control Integration: Quality control applications in Mendix can utilize Werk24.io to automatically extract and analyze manufacturing tolerances and specifications from drawings, ensuring that products meet the required standards.
  4. Production Planning: In production planning, Werk24.io can assist in extracting key manufacturing data from drawings, helping to plan and optimize production processes based on accurate technical specifications.


  1. Title Block Information: The information of the Title Block is available in a structured format. This includes the drawing number, designation, material (incl. a material classification for standard materials and trade name materials) and much more.
  2. Product Manufacturing Information (PMI): Measures, GD&Ts, Radii, Surface Roughnesses are available in a very granular way and supplmented with information extracted from engineering standards.


  1. Paper Size: Currently, processing is limited to the maximal paper size of A2.
  2. Drawing Quality: Drawings require a minimal scan resolution of 180 DPI.


  • Mendix modeler version >= 9.24.8
  • Module Community Commons >= 10.0.2

Configuration and Licensing


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.8
Release Notes: Initial Public Release