Kanban with Opcenter

Content Type: Industry Template
Categories: User Interface,Connectors,Visualization


Introducing an electronic material Kanban system that enhances material management on top of Opcenter FN and discrete. This template is tailored to assist material managers and warehouse workers in a more efficient workflow. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, simplifying material requests and processing on a Kanban board. Notably, it can automatically generate material requests when inventory levels fall below defined thresholds, reducing manual efforts and minimizing the risk of shortages or overstocking. This system brings a modern and practical approach to material management, improving processes and saving time.


Demo urlhttps://kanban-with-opcenter.apps.eu-1c.mendixcloud.com


This application utilizes the Opcenter Execution Foundation Starter Kit, available at https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/208792, to seamlessly integrate the Mendix App with Opcenter. The Mendix app synchronizes the configured data with Opcenter upon a single click.

It operates on predefined threshold levels for materials in buffers, comparing the current amounts in Opcenter. Depending on the settings, it either generates an automated Kanban card indicating the shortfall or notifies the material manager.

A few automations have been implemented for the Kanban board. The 'Up Next' line will automatically populate with the three cards that are in progress and have the nearest deadlines. Additionally, cards in the 'Completed' line will disappear after one week. This feature ensures a clean and organized overview of the board.


  • This application features a built-in modular Kanban implementation. You can easily copy and paste this module into your own project for immediate use. A pre-configured settings page allows you to customize the lines in a no-code manner, ensuring ease of configuration and adaptability to your specific needs.


  • You need your own Opcenter instance running


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.4
Release Notes: - First version of the Kanban with Opcenter app