Text Input with Mentions and Tagging

Content Type: Widget
Categories: User Interface,Data


Text input that allows users to tag users, as well as other objects.


Demo urlhttps://aqmentions-sandbox.mxapps.io/


Text input that allows users to tag users, as well as other objects. Using library https://github.com/signavio/react-mentions.


  • Tag users and other objects in a text field

Widget Configuration

General Tab:

  • Select the String attribute to be edited by the user
  • Also Configure Label, Placeholder, Editablility and Visibility here

Mentions Tab:

This is where to configure what objects can be mentioned and the associations to be set when an object is mentioned.

  1. Click "New"
  2. Add a trigger - this is the text that will intiate the mention
  3. Navigate to the "Data Source" tab
  4. Select the association to be set when an object is mentioned
  5. Select the data that can be selected
  6. Select the attribute to display

Known Issues/Limitations

  • Widget will remove any objects associated via the selected associations if they are not mentioned in the text
  • Workaround: Only manage the selected associations through the widget
  • String Attributes that are edited using this widget are best displayed using the widget, as the widget uses a text markup to display mentions

Issues, suggestions and feature requests

Please raise any issues, suggestions and feature requests here


Go to https://aqmentions-sandbox.mxapps.io/ to view a demo


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.19.0
Release Notes: Initial Release